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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Alliance Lead By Princess Bully

by Jasmin Elago

It was well when I joined the company 7 months ago, there were challenges and conflicts between employees but it was not at serious and personal, until I have realized that recently the environment has been so stressful because things that happened in the past were revived by this one group.

I work as a director in the creative department, I am very dedicated in doing my job. I don't talk a lot but rather do the work to meet my deadlines.

A group of younger generation in the company seem to always talk to me with sarcasm, I don't recall having encountered with them but they always try to put me in trouble. They make small issues become bigger.

My bosses doesn't seem to realize that there is a sort of alliance built inside the company. The alliance of the this generation would always put me in a situation where the bosses would get angry at me.

But because I love my job, I just keep myself composed and patient.

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White Anters
by: Trinity

Good on you for keeping composed. One good way to deflect bullying is to pretend that you haven't noticed a thing. You could speak off record with the bosses and ask them if they have noticed that the pack seem to be preoccupied with getting you into trouble and you don't think this is professional, productive or collegial behaviour. Have a read of the code of conduct and see if their behaviour breeches anything like 'treating each other with respect'. You can ask your bosses if they could chat with you about allegations before assuming the worst of you. Regain your power. And put your feelers out for another job. Good luck.

Not Just Kids Who Get Bullied
by: Brian

I think this is a prime example of how bullying extends far beyond our schools. There are bullies everywhere, no matter what age you are. It is absolutely true that ignoring the bullies takes away their power. But we all have to admit this is a bit easier to do when you're a grown adult with your own life - it is much harder to turn your back on a bully when you are a kid. This is why all of us adults need to get way more involved in this issue. We can all make some small step to let our kids know they are not alone - and we are here to protect and inspire them.

I was so heart broken by the story of Phoebe Prince, who took her own life after being bullied mercilessly, that I wrote a song in her honor. I feel it's the best thing I've written to this day, and I would like to share it with all of you. Here is the link:


Let's all make an effort to take a stand against bullying...

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