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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Almost 9 Years Down the Tubes

by Anonymous

I did volunteering work for nearly 9 years until I was forced to take a sabbatical for nearly the past year due to a suit brought against the place I voluntarily worked as the people were trying to find out who the rest of the workers were.

The owner recently - like three weeks ago - mailed me saying that I should continue to pretend I wasn't affiliated with them until another suit was finished.

When I challenged him that this wasn't fair to me being totally isolated after nearly nine years of loyalty, I got the shock of my life when he said that things were "calm" now. Meaning that the back stabbing egomaniac who used to be my friend has totally gotten to the boss and I'm not wanted to return.

The boss even admitted he knows Mr. Ego is a large part of the problem due to his constant sarcastic remarks, constantly belittling others, gatekeeping behavior and there is plenty of resentment over this egomaniac taking credit for other people's work. This person bullied me for the past nearly seven years. The galling thing is the boss knows it and said I should have just ignored it like he did. I was the only one with the courage to confront this man over his ill behavior of myself and others but now you'd think I have a communicable disease.

The real irony of this is I'm being blamed for getting sued, but the reason I got sued was because of this egomaniac's behavior and they didn't know who he is so they went after me. But it's my fault, according to the boss.

I'm greatly disappointed in this boss because he used to care about people more than he cared about money and his own ego.

How do you move past the bitter feelings when you are still in a small circle of people doing a particular job and we will cross paths again?

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Sued Volunteer
by: Anonymous

I find it hard to believe that a volunteer can be sued in any situation but then, I believe anything any more. Of course, I don't know all the details. But Mr. Ego sounds like a person with a mental illness. I finally learned that plenty of people seem to enjoy wallowing in their mental illness as it is easier than trying to get better. (I know plenty who have been diagnosed but refuse to take prescribed medication.) Myself, I have learned to just walk away from them and never look back... they have made the choice to remain as they are and if naive people, including bosses, do not understand mental illness, there is little we can do to educate them on our own. I think we must surround ourselves with mentally healthy, enlightened people as much as possible and leave the bullies to their own demise.

Volunteer Bullying
by: Anonymous

I too suffer from having been bullied by someone in authority in an organization I volunteer for. Unfortunately the people who could do anything about (despite their constant out loud recognition of the problem) are related to her and therefore reluctant to do anything that will make their holidays less hospitable. She knows it, and she uses that as part of her power arsenal. It's difficult to do, I know, I put years of myself into this organization and I love many of the people I've worked with -- but the emotional abuse is not worth it. I suppose you could sue for harrassment, but make sure you have your ducks in a row. A common method of bullying is shifting blame to the victim.

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