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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

An Office Politics Article From Business Management Daily

by Lizzy NJ

Manage Office Politics… very good office politics article.

Office politics isn't always 'dirty' / good politics is one where all workers work in cooperative manner; keeping busy, being helpful, smiling each day (whether they feel like it or not) THAT'S GOOD POLITICS …it is not brown nosing as some want to speak to tear down NICE.

BAD POLITICS in old days was those who were always speaking up to 'the boss' or 'supervisor' … about themselves (yes brown nosing) or speaking to boss of how wonderful he did or she did or how great that is or this 'the firm' is doing. BROWN NOSING (giving opinions complimentary but ONLY where it matters) not to the other workers (unless of course boss was watching)

But now BAD POLITICS took a different 'track' / since laws are now written that some cannot be fired / are specially affirmed perhaps / and work is so little due to automation and workers have less to keep busy with…BAD OFFICE POLITICS now attempts not to just brown nose with nice nice to boxs but to eliminate 'the competition' (ostracize, demean verbally, taunt with actions like excess cubicle chatter or slamming cabinets, or giving wrong information) Whatever it takes for the competition to complain of … 'them' who are special. Good workers must quietly endure and wait for the sign to RESIGN…BUT we must NEVER NEVER NEVER attempt to 'speak' of the annoyance. Not to the persecutor and NOT to management authority.

If you are GOOD you will be MATURE…and FAITHFUL to the AUTHORITY who brings you to 'all good' (blessings) Meek is not weak. It is a strength that the world does not know. Humor and Humble and Humus (earth) they all go together. Don't take self or your persecutor too seriously. LAUGH at self and give praise as much as possible (sincerely) to everyone else. SINCERELY…or as the adage went…if you can't find a nice thing to say…it is ok to say nothing. Mostly laugh (quietly) at the antics of 'this poor insecure and immature person' / and do your job best as you can. Ask appropriate questions, ask of the insecure one (they will begin to love you) Make the 'insecure one' look good … and again 'who cares who gets the credit' as long as the one who is insecure leaves you to do your work in peace. (in time…management will catch the gist of who knows 'for real' and who is bluffing) And remember…the only thing 'forever' is ETERNITY… God does allow U turns and exit ramps…and for us to change our direction…if a place is not as 'the brochure' or 'interview' brought out.

NOT ALL are 'up there' in maturity of mind and spirit. Some are still in high school; although they graduated years ago (physically) All are wounded; even we 'the targeted' / there once was a nation (society) where most understood the reason for the journey and knew of spirit; they knew all were 'at a different point' in spirit and would encourage good, gently speak 'wrong ways' and helped each other by good patient attitude to each other. Today; it is a ME MYSELF AND I WAY …. so be in the world NOT OF THAT WAY. Don't get pulled back down… to that earthly view. KEEP RISING in SPIRIT. (don't be kicked out by being as the one you dislike) I know it seems 'they' get away with everything but NO NOT REALLY… eventually…they too GO DOWN. (don't be on that same elevator down with them)

I hope folks who read this will read it slow (meditatively) and that the Spirit will bring understanding 'of the world' as it is. Just ignore folks who are nasty and 'be different than they' (and management will be amazed at you).

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office politics addendum
by: Lizzy NJ

I am adding to my own comment: BAD POLITICS of today; is different then yesterday where the 'bad worker' (insecure worker) tried to win points with the boss by being OVERLY nice and complimentary.

Today; bad workers know; they can't be fired. Know the game rules; it does apply 'to all' … but KNOW IT. You won't be fired UNLESS there is cause. And that is what (if wrong correct me) …that is why we have bullying and bullies.

The bullies know the rules. They can't be fired; but that doesn't bring them security when 'there is little work to do' and 'a newcomer' seems more 'competent' 'ethical' 'honest' / So 'the game' is like that of the little sibling who wants 'big sibling' to get in trouble … and be seen as BETTER… tease, taunt, ostracize, aggravate emotionally (poke poke poke) play dumb, don't talk, whatever it takes to get a reaction. They will be 'sweet' on one day and ROTTEN the next (just to throw the target off balance). It is very very CRUEL.

It is because business can't fire. So… REMEMBER IT and play right along… let them poke; ignore. let them leave you out of info; be aware and keep 3 steps ahead …by keeping ear to ground (STAY ALERT to ALL info) Be helpful to those who are GOOD, and to the tormenter (this will torment them… when the opposite reaction is given). Do everything as one should and DON'T give them 'the reaction' they seek. Play the game in reverse.

LAUGH all the way home at how 'YOU BEAT 'EM' out another day. Sort of like a giant video game … you OVERCAME THE OPPOSITION / pat yourself on back… take out frustration on a hobby (positive activity) or physical exercise then BACK TO 'THE GAME' for another day … for those who love YOU for real.

It is a terrible way to work but … such is the way when societal laws favor 'nasty' over 'good.'

When it's time… you will know when it is time to move on on your own.

That's all I can say.

by: Anonymous

Hi all! I've recently experienced these case scenarios mentioned here, knowing that my mission in life is to become greater than where I was, & will look forward to sharing bigger goals for myself & many others! I've learned it's better to commit to be better than any negativity others may expect or wish upon someone else that brings competition. My lifes mission has always been, to be proud of others accomplisments & feel great about helping where I can, & be positive opportunities that brings a beneficial quality to serve for all humanity. I'll not allow others to dictate what or who I am, or control who I can positively become! I before anyone else (believes in me, & that I can do better!)

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