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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Another Idea 'Why The Bullying'

by Anonymous NJ

There's a reason folks bully. It's been said over and over, bullies are insecure.

When I worked in '80 - '93 (pre computer days) manual hands on labor when work was abundant; everyone felt more secure. For the work at the job at hand or simply the knowing that if the job at hand didn't work, there was another company out there to go to. (as free enterprise is less free, and the pickings slimmer for a laborer; bullies will abound) That's reason one for bullies. Insecurity.

There's also this: There's good and bad businesses. When in the 80's to early 90's; and I was hired at a business, I didn't get put right in at the same level as others. I was put at a lesser 'level' of work (file clerk rather than the main function of (for me, paste up print production, or lesser level of main function of claims processing, data entry) By starting me in a lesser level of employ within company to prove myself; COMPANY understood there would be less antagonized tenured personnel. Good business understands the human condition. (some good firms start newbies on night shift, til they prove their loyalty) ie: everyone is 'the same level' and so there's no hostile conditions.

So; if applying for and getting hired NEW, 'think like a good business person' ... ask what procedures are in place to grow with firm. If place smacked in with others there as long; ask if you can be placed at a lesser level (with less pay) so that you learn from the bottom up. By putting yourself in lesser position, you are not going nose to nose with the insecure types. They might leave you alone as you are allowed to 'just work' / then, let your work be 1. doing the job to near perfection. (STAY CLEAR of the lunch table and avoid talk...take a walk at lunch) 2. be helpful to everyone in the dept. you serve. Say nothing. Be impartial. If a go for; getting this and that for others, do so. be human...laugh with everyone 'as appropriate and just listen to them without opinions shared; they will come to TRUST you. 3. eventually, you might be given the grace to move into the main function of others there and by now 'you are not a stanger to mistrust, but 'one of them' ACCEPTED.

Never be placed 'right up there' with others in same position, it brings the insecurity and you don't advance. If new...the 'cross' of being new is you have to 'earn your stripes and wings' / no matter your age, you have to START OVER. No matter what you know. As long as you are 'doing' ...you are advancing; so don't worry about it. (that's the secret of being accepted) TAKE THE LESSER positions. This too is biblical: a man was invited to a dinner and he took the table in back and was asked by the host to come to the front. (the humble get exalted) The other, sat down up front and was asked to move to back. (the exalted get humbled)

It's the way of human nature. Know it, like good businesses know it. Doesn't matter if you start over a thousand times...you are advancing. And that's the way it is.

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