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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Asked To Resign

by Jules
(W Yorkshire)

I have worked for the company for just over three years . I have always loved my job until six weeks ago we got a new boss, she is under qualified and spends most of her time in the office with the door closed, we have a deputy manager who's been there a number of years who also spends all her time in the office.

Yesterday I was called into the office and the owner of the place was there (I work in a care home). He asked me what I'd been saying to other staff members about the deputy manager. I told him I didn't know what he meant, he said I had told other staff members that the deputy manager had been stealing money from clients. I told him I'd said nothing. He then told me he had seven letters form staff members saying I told them this, I denied it, he then said I could save myself alot of trouble and resign. I refused. I told him I'd done nothing and said nothing. He then said the police were involved. I told him I would be happy to answer any questions the police wish to ask. He then said he'd taken on bigger and better people and won. I asked him if he thought this was a game. He asked me three times throughout the conversation to resign. He told me it wasn't a disciplinary just an informal chat... then he said I was suspended and would be getting a letter to attend a disciplinary. What should I do have you got any advice? Thank you.

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its not right
by: sharon

Hi Jules.
He is wrong as you have to have an investigation before it goes to disciplinary.
If he does the investigation then he cant do the disciplinary.
He also cannot suspend you on hearsay.
Do you have access to your H.R department?
Ring them if you have or if you dont then you need to speak to c.a.b
He is a bully and it will hopefully get sorted quickly if you have an H.R department.
Good luck and take care.

by: Anonymous

Get a good employment lawyer as early as possible! He/She will be able to keep you right - while they are obviously on the wrong track. It might cost you an arm and a leg, but be careful to protect yourself and your health!

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