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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Associate Quit Due to Workplace Bullying

by Vicki
(Orange, CA, USA)

The managers there would openly rebuke me in front of costumers that I had developed a rapport with for issues beyond my doing or that where out of my control. They played blatantly favorites and would put me 'on blast' making threats towards my job and even throw walky-talkies at me, lie to me, change their story to cover-up when I'd question policy and procedures and I was in the dressing room one day when one was bad-mouthing me. when I confronted her face to face she totally denied it and made up a big lie about me to our boss.

She was constantly out of line and recruiting a gang against me. She would say things wrong about me for all to hear on the walkie-talkie and get her little gang to chime-in. I finally quit even though the costumers adored me.

Since then I lost that I was renting and I'm now in a co-ed shelter where I'm getting bullied by two people, a man and a woman. The woman is always bullying me out of the bathroom so that I have to hurry and get out of her way. Plus she steals from me. The man is mad because I'm not interested in him so he watches every move I make and is always on my case about things and tries to get into my business and tower over me all the time and talk over me.

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