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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Australia McDonalds Bullying In The Workplace

by Anonymous (cause they will fire me if I tell my name)
(New South Wales, Australia)

I am suffering with bullying at McDonalds. Only it is the managers that are bullying me so I feel so stuck that I cannot do anything about it! They abuse their power make you clean up their mess while they stand their watching you making you feel under so much pressure, intimidating you constantly to the point where you just want to walk out of the store and never return.

I just need the money, I've only worked here for 9 months ,I've had severe Anxiety since I was a child and this place is draining me. Picking at every last little part of me that is sane. One day it was 20 minutes after I had finished my shift and this manager that doesn't seem to like me at all asked me to mop all the floors before I could clock off I said yeah thats fine, got it done straight away everything was spotless, came back to her asked if there was anything else I needed to do before I leave, she was making coffee in McCafe and threw the coffee powder all over the floor right in front of me, laughed and then asked me to clean that up also.

Crew trainers of crew members that have been there for years boss the new crew around make them do their work that they get given by managers and managers don't even care! its all corrupt and I'm so over it... there's no one to tell because you'll get bullied even more! I come home crying most nights, it's sickening.

Im ready to leave but its just hard to face them, and finding a new job is next to impossible these days. Managers have their favourites who they like the best they will put them on the best jobs they won't have to clean up or do anything besides what they've been put on but the rest have to do everything!

Something needs to be done.

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by: American Anonymous

Anton; did you break with your policy of putting actual business names openly? HINT HINT. (Editor's note: The default is to not accept company names but I will sometimes allow it.)

You finished mopping up; you courteously asked if there was anything else that was needed to be done before you left for the day, and the 'boss' tosses coffee grounds onto the floor at your feet and laughs telling you to clean that up?

Clean the mess. Go home. Come in next day as usual and when the store is appropriately filled with customers (witnesses) In fact if you are a counter person do it with a customer at counter… call this boss over feigning need of her expertise (customer question) then state quietly:"I cleaned the floor last evening before leaving, I asked you if there was anything else needing to be done, you laughed and spilt coffee deliberately in front of me… and now; I say… this customer and the many behind this GOOD person needs your help, because I am leaving… NOW. (enjoy the day)

Spill the Beans…of her actions…at the feet of the customers but do not look back.

She will never berate in front of customers (makes her look bad) If she does…who cares. As to NEVER finding another job? if you feel that…you won't. I don't know how old you are, but if young; learn a special skill and if NOT so young…find a friend with a skill who can teach you something. If all you can do is walk dogs for the neighbors (charging a nominal fee…do it!) or take a squeegee and pail and sign up businesses to clean their windows for them (window cleaner) or if you are a male and handy or female …PAINT rooms for people, run errands for elderly…SERVE (and write your own check)

PRAY …let God direct your path as to what you are to do. (the answer will come) You do not need to work where not supported emotionally. SAY GOODBYE and Don't Look Back.

American Anonymous
by: Anonymous

What we are dealing with in all business; folks who took Psy 101 in college for purpose of learning 'the human nature' so as to 'motivate' those who they are to 'lead' (ironically) but have no understanding that leaders LEAD others by how they live and interact.

It is conjecture on my part, i.e.: just my own thought, but I really do believe there is something to it. They learn how to control thru mind manipulation and believe this is to be a leader. (that because such persons have run from 'the Spirit of life living' …'the pew' …the knowing of that Spirit who motivated and got folks doing much…thru compassion, encouragement, meekness, humility (ie: asking of another to assist them in the physical aspect of a position: filing, typing, customer service phone, etc…while 'teaching' to a point what service is about. Using TRUE College Knowledge to raise others up to same lever of educated doing. They in profession category carrying the policy concerns and how to's and those in worker category the doing while learning BY DOING what the college educated learned 'by the book.' Each should do 'as assigned' …by GOD. And those put 'in charge' are going to be held to a higher standard 'someday' in 'that other life' when face to face with THEIR BOSS.

Psychological manipulation…is the COOL SOPHISTICATED school yard bully who used to control 'with the fist' or 'nasty words'

Now it's done by DEGREES.

Management…GET SMART …GET THE SPIRIT OF LIFE and you will have a more productive and happy work force and stronger bottom line. Bullies take from your profit.

by: Anonymous American

When enough good workers stand up (quietly) and say a gracious and gentle "sorry; I thought I was hired to work here but when you act in the manner you do towards me…it says: you do not appreciate my presence here, I must go where I am appreciated, the GOOD LORD will be honored and glorified 'in you.'

IF ONE MUST 'take it' as the only way to earn a living; ask for the attribute of ENDURANCE from the one who was nailed to a cross scourged with whips, speared in side and crowned with thorns. If what you endure is but emotional bullying and humiliation and you must stay…silently offer each day up FOR them who persecute in words as HE on the cross uttered Forgive Them Father, They KNOW NOT what they do. In doing such; you are gaining a GREATER wealth than any paycheck, pension plan, or benefit package on earth. You are setting yourself up for ETERNAL GLORY.

PICK UP 'the cross' of a broken world and grin and bear it if one MUST…but PRAY for them who KNOW NOT that THE LORD change their way. The Spirit who roams and rules the heart of some humanity 'want the good out' ….BUT OUR LEADER in us; wants us TO HAVE PRESENCE in 'the world'

This is 'the fight' that is currently occurring… IF YOU ARE OF GOD…YOU CAN'T LOSE.

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