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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Backstabbed By A Female Coworker Using "Sex" Card

by Wes

I’m a male, working at a nuclear power plant where we have two refueling outages a year. These outages last about 30 days and during this time we do all of our inspections which means it gets really busy and hectic.

One of my female coworkers decided to go on a short term due to a knee surgery. I suspect she was just trying to “Skip” out of work and dump it on others. Of course, I volunteered to take over her duties on top of my own. I saw this as an opportunity to impress my boss. The turnover I got from her was nothing but complaints. She tried to make it sound like her job was impossible to do and I would ultimately fail. The word “fail” was used a lot. As she tried to put more pressure on me I responded by laughing which probably pissed her off.

Next thing I know I’m being called in to HR office being accused of using foul language of sexual nature. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Apparently, she gathered ammunition from another female coworker (gossiper or maybe they’re both in on it) that I’ve been carpooling with and used this information to attack me. The company went out of its way to “substantiate my bad behavior” in order to avoid liability of lawsuit. Now, I have a permanent record in HR file (career limited) and my end of the year evaluation is in the toilet which affected my bonus and pay raise meanwhile she gets promoted (to keep her quiet? I’m guessing). This company seems to be corrupted. I found out later that it is notorious for loosing lawsuits so maybe that’s why it was safer for them throw me under the bus.

I’ve been a high performing employee in the last 5 years. I asked for transfer but it was denied. The pay is amazing but would you put up with this insult? It's difficult for me to maintain my integrity so i started applying elsewhere.

Here is what they made me sign:
A female co-worker alleged that you made inappropriate comments to her including cements of sexual nature, and that you had made other inappropriate comments and exhibited unprofessional behavior with regard to other female employees. The company conducted an investigation into allegations, and substantiated that you did engage in unprofessional and inappropriate conduct. While your actions did not rise to the level of unlawful misconduct, they did violate company policy.

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