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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bad Management Supports Bullying

I witness someone stealing at work, it's considered theft and then when I reported in HR, they gave me a warning letter of harassment and malicious act. I was so depressed and I felt humiliated to the whole organization because they didn't consider my report of stealing hours at work.
The people that involved in this case are still working. I emailed it to someone who's member of trustees and they humiliated me more. I came to the point where I was mentally stressful everytime I work there.

Mentally stress because I am thinking all the time, what they going to do next... after 2 months, someone complained about me for nonsense and I got another written warning letter... I felt I was the target of the whole organization, but I will wait till they kick me out, I am not giving my resignation, I'll wait till they give me a termination letter. The management were using their power, including the human resources, they are all one, like politics, they always side to the people who ripped them off.

There is no evidence but people are talking about it about the favoritism, who's receiving gifts from employees but I believed in karma so I just want to see how it works.
They are going to kick me our soon but for sure nothing lasts when you're in bad management.

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Bad Management Support Bullying Reply
by: Anonymous

Dear Writer,

What you did was brave and should be applauded; but I personally would not have said anything.
You showed integrity and I believe you would be a great asset to any organisation. Your action whilst admirable is naive. To think that there would be no repercussions from your co-workers puzzles me.

The real issue here, in my opinion is that your co-workers feel they cannot trust someone who would report them for wrongdoing; even if they have done the wrong. They do not want to accept responsibility for their wrongful acts or decisions. This shows immaturity on their part.

My advice to you, is that you look for another job and leave asap; especially before you end up sick as a result of the stress at work. Next time you will be wiser.

A Management team that does not thank and appreciate good employees is not one with whom you should work. Get another job, where you dedication and hard work will be appreciated.



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