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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bad Neighbor With 5 Bad Kids

by Philip

I confronted my bad neighbor with five bad kids one day because they were waking us up at all hours. The neighbor didn't deal with the complaint well and called the police on me, filed a restraining order (told the judge that I was stalking him, and threatened to beat his kids). None of that was true.

The things that he said I did to him, he was doing to me. He'd knock and run, throw eggs on my car, and slash my tires.

Then he drug me to court a second time and I won and that really angered him. He thought since he won the first time, that he'd finish me up. But the judge told him that I'd never done anything to him. That really upset him, because he never got to speak his lies on me.

He left me alone for a long while after that, but now he's starting to bother me again. All this person does is manipulate others. That's all he knows how to do. He's a pathetic mess. All this guy can do is party, he loves the women and his kids all have different mothers. 3 boys, 2 girls. But they are all the most uncivilized bunch of people I ever saw.

He doesn't work, just goes out with different trashy women, always leaving his kids alone. I'm worried that this guy is going to try to do something. He seems to need attention or just revenge. He's not stable.

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