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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Banking Representative Being Bullied

by Louralee
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have been here before. The story is the same. I am very competent, very intelligent, dedicated to my work, and a great person - yet someone (a peer or boss or both) become threatened and launch a bullying campaign. I work on the Insurance side within the financial institution I work for. I am the only African Canadian female within my team, that was able to surpass the sales goal on my team. Yet, I am the one that is being treated like dirt. I have had coworkers tell that in their Greek culture, they consider blacks as the N-word. I have been referred to liking fried chicken and watermelon. Or hear 2 white co-workers call each other Nigga. Or get excluded from informal group meetings. Or have your boss undermine you in front of your coworkers. Or have your boss try to pin blame on you whenever they can. Just because, you exceeded your goals and commit to company policy - as I was hired to do.

I have lost sleep over it. I am angered and disgusted and working on an exit plan. I do my training privately because each time that I have asked for info from my boss, I am told how unspectacular it is or being denied info altogether becaused she would much rather that I help her racist patsy than provide me with the info to progress. Oh yeah, about those nasty patsies. Rumour mongers they are. Ready to try and tear me down. When I catch them in the act, I make sure they answer for it by questioning their motives and smoking them out. But my energies can not be used this way all the time. It's draining. One my boss told me, while having the knife in her hand that she could slit my throat with it. There were no witnesses. I documented and advised my colleague about the incident - but can you really rely on a trusted colleague? No when their job is at stake also.

I feel powerless. But I maintain the high performance as much as I can. That is my insurance policy to get out of that hell hole! Keep up my sales, covert training, seeking employment elsewhere and get out. That's my exit plan.

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Are Financial Institutions a Breeding Ground for Bullies?
by: No Name Girl Vancouver

I am so very very sorry to read your story because I know only too well exactly how you are feeling and how you are being treated. I too have been in this type of situation for the past 2 years and it has all but ruined my health. I should also mention that I am also an employee of a financial institution - that interestingly has been long touted at the BEST place to work, but I can assure you that this is 100% fake. It's all good PR and lots of glossy, folksy adds and promises - none of which even come close to delivering behind the scenes.

What I cannot help but wonder is - are financial institutions somehow (because of the nature of the work - money & greed perhaps - or stiff competition) predisposed to fostering a climate of bullies? Ours seem to be passive aggressive in the extreme.

I am wondering if there are others out there who are also suffering bulling and mobbing - and are working in this industry. Could it be a sign of the times and the current global financial crisis?

Anyway - I just want to say how very sorry I am to hear your story and am SO horrified to hear that it includes racial slurs as well. That has to be the very bottom of the human barrel in my book. (By the way - I am a new Canadian and from Africa).

Keep strong and keep focused on your plan. You have all that you need - right inside your heart, your spirit and your talents (that much is very clear). Nobody can take that from you!

All the best and let us know how you do.

Racial Discrimination
by: Anonymous

I don't know what the laws are in Canada for workplace practices regarding race and equal treatment of employees, but I think your situation has a chance to be remedied. If you have documented cases of racial discrimination going on, you should have the ability to speak up and your managers have an obligation by law to listen and take action. If they are not taking action, you have a right to defend yourself and a stronger case in court if it can be linked to racial discrimination.

I'm not saying file a suit right away, but play it smart, document, and don't let them tear you down.

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