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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Be Kind, You Never Know What Is Going To Happen...

When I first started my job at a hospital I really had a hard time with my boss. She was very mean and I just kept on working. Although it was hard, and I came home crying everyday. I was not going to let this person intimidate me. AND WITH IN TIME SHE WAS DEMOTED. And now I am her boss. Boy how things turn around.

Now this happened over a 1 and a half years. Now I will tell you, I am not the bully that she was and is, but there is still a fine line with the click of her and my boss. This is not really a good thing. I do not fit in and I still have my days of crying. This old boss of mine is now talking bad things about me and I will make her look bad at the end, because I am a fair person and all I have to do is be my self.

I do have a bigger boss that is awesome. She sees the work that I do and she lets me know every now and then. But still not sure of anyone there. But GOD is on my side. It would be a great thing if people would just be kind to each other and let people live a good life. Why don't we just try it for a change. We are all living in the same world. So just be nice to each other. I hope a bully is reading this and will start being nice and regretful for the past. LOL

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Be Kind
by: Rosalea i (USA)

Be kind clicks a button with me. I, too, wish the world was a kinder place and perhaps there are some bullies that would actually mellow out with a kind deed. No doubt many of them were damaged in childhood and there isn't much that can help now and even being kind to them can incite them. One thing I have started doing is a "Kindness Tuesday." I try to do something unexpectedly kind to at least one person every Tuesday, a stranger or a friend. It can be as simple as slipping a small bag of treats to someone and saying "This is Kindness Tuesday--enjoy!" Sometimes I pay for their coffee, take them out to lunch or even make a phone call. It has shocked me at how few old-fashioned speaking phone calls people get any more, especially older people who can't get out much, and how they appreciate it. I make those calls at night from bed (I do not own a TV) so I can relax and listen as long as they want to visit so many are "empty." I have also prepared a sports bag filled with little treats for children and adults, and I often carry it when a small group has gathered and tell everyone they may select two items, one for themselves and one to give to someone else. I let them know it's "Kindness Tuesday." It's a real hit!
I don't know if it can help our world but it can't hurt for us to be unexpectedly kind one person at a time, even one day a week. And maybe, just maybe, it is a small form of bully prevention (nurturing they have missed out on) in some young person's life to be noticed in a special way--validation.

Get rid of the problem
by: Anonymous

My suggestion is that if you know this former boss and now subordinate is a problem, get rid of her.

You are naive to think that because you are kind and fair that things will work out in your favor. Maybe in the BIGGEST long-term, life-review, kindness wins, but in the reality of today, sometimes you have to kick some ass.

I was in your position once - managing a person who was a bully and a manager who was then demoted. He continued to cause grief for me and for the other employees.

If you are in a leadership position and you have a bully on your team, it is your responsibility to manage that situation for yourself and for your company. If the person cannot be corrected quickly and effectively, get rid of them PRONTO. A bully subordinate can do you and your company as much damage as a bully boss. A bully boss punches you in the nose. A bully subordinate kicks you in the groin.

If your company put you into a leadership role, they expect you to have the teeth to displine or fire troublesome employees - even those who you think are so entrenched that they are untouchable.

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