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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Beauty Shop Bully Part Two

by Trisha Prichard
(Elida, OH, US)

In my last story, I had just moved to another shop. This one was booth rental too. The owner of the shop was the bully this time and the other 5 girls were in her clique or something. I am kind of a quiet person at first, I still like to laugh and joke with my customers since I have known them for a while.

My boss always made an effort each day to try to embarrass me on the floor in front of customers and everyone. If you didn't wear expensive clothes or shoes you were out of the group or something. What you really needed were shoes for walking on eggshells. I stayed there for a year, I thought this can't be happening again.

One day a threat was directed at me on the floor and my mom was there in my chair at the time. It was kind of hidden but she heard it to. I was glad someone else noticed too because I was blaming myself. This time it was more verbal abuse and the last job was more hidden, but was there still. I felt shame from this job, like I was the problem.

Well anyways I am not working there, I am doing hair on the side. I have lost some clients, but not walking on eggshells is great! I don't know how this happened again to me.

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by: Rosalea

The world is full of bullies, that's why it happened again. Once a person becomes aware of bullying, you hear it everywhere.

I am shocked at what I see and hear on an every day basis in our small Kansas town. As an example, a young man with a learning disorder is bullied by the "good ole boys" coffee shop drinkers. He doesn't resist... comes back every day for more. It is a type of "attention" for him, I expect. I don't know what to say as I am an "outcast" in this town and am bullied, too by this group in church, of all places. I quit attending.

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