What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Beauty Shop Bully

by Trisha Prichard
(Lima, OH, US)

It took me a year to realize what was going on where I worked. My self confidence wasn't there anymore and I went from working five days a week to three. This shop was booth rental so I was trying to avoid working with a certain coworker.There was alot of emotional abuse and mind games. It was hidden though. The owner of the shop was only there one day a week, because he worked at his other shop in Columbus the rest of the time. So the bully got away with more. Thanks to sites like this one I was able to realize what was happening to me. I did leave that shop and went to another one. I couldn't be around that person, they were draining me. I am better now, but I still have some trust issues. I know what to watch for now, but I don't know what to do so I don't become a target again.

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What To Do To Avoid Becoming a Target Again ...
by: No Name Girl

Thanks for your posting and congratulations on moving on with your life and career!

You pose an interesting question - one which I too would really like to get some info on - ie: What should one do to avoid becoming a target again?

I am in the process of leaving a toxic, passive agressive, unhealthy work place - and am also working very hard to regain my health and well being. Once all this is behind me - I would also really like to know how to aviod this situation happening again. Through all of this I have wondered (in my darkest hours) if there was something I did wrong? Was something broken in me? Sadly I think I was just too "happy" and "too committed" to the company and it's ideals. I wanted to do "well" - perhaps I worked too hard, tried too hard and gave too much. But still ... how can that make me a target? It just feels wrong ...

So, if there is anyone out there who can help - or provide a place for discussion on the topic I think it would be very helpful. Perhaps Anton (the host of this site) could help by setting something up ...

Meanwhile - good for you for getting out and moving on. I know for myself - that even if I don't find the "magic bullet" to avoid being a target - never again will I miss the early signs. Never again will I lose my sense of self along with my health and well being before I realize what has happened to me ... so if nothing else - I am much stronger and much more aware, and it sounds like you are too!

No Name Girl - Vancouver

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