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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Being Bullied And Then Wrongfully Terminted

by Julie
(Houston, TX USA)

For over 1 year I have had to deal with a supervisor whom I "inherited" when my original supervisor resigned after 17 years with the company.

He wasn't familiar with my duties or the department and when I tried to explain it he would never take notes and he would become defensive. When all this first started, I had worked with the company for only 4 months and I relied on 2 specific people to help answer my questions, but then I was told by the supervisor to no longer contact them and I was to ask him questions and what he says goes.

Then in meetings he would say things about the owner and his son and when I tried to let the owner be aware of the statements, they were denied and the supervisor came into my office and accused me of relaying the information and stated that I had misinterpreted it.

I was also getting contradicting instructions from the supervisor and another employee and tried to keep the company in compliance with agreements, but the supervisor would become defensive due to my vigilance in following procedures. During these times is when I would think my head would explode b/c I never knew what to do.

The supervisor would ask me if I owned a gun or stating something about my jumping out a window.

I asked for a performance review for my 1-year with the company, it was delayed due to "compensation issues" and when I told him that I wanted to speak with the owner about my compensation, I was then denied additional compensation w/ my promotion.

Then, I was reprimanded for recording internal business meetings and having a webcam b/c someone was leaving my office in disarray and stealing my pens. I was being coerced and intimidated in signing the reprimand when I had requested to speak with HR, who didn't care to listen to my side of the story and told me to just sign it and move forward. He then suggested I contact the owner, which I did, but he never returned my calls. I was then ostracized by my supervisor an employees and excluded from meetings. I knew at this point that I was going to be terminated or forced to resign.

2 weeks later, I was "laid off". They stated it was b/c of budget cuts, but the supervisor stated just 3 weeks prior that laying off people was the last thing they were going to do, but then here they were hiring new employees in the meantime. I was also the ONLY person laid off.

I then stated that I had filed w/ the EEOC which then he told me I "could have returned once my job was available again, but since I filed a lawsuit". He then followed and watched every move I made while I was gathering my things and escorted me out of the building.

I have documented the incidents and now I'm wondering if that is enough for the EEOC, courts, or whomever to believe me.

Now, here I am w/o a job, barely getting enough from unemployment benefits to pay my bills, I can't afford health insurance, and I have had sleeping issues, crying spells, headaches, stomach issues, nervousness, almost a nervous breakdown.

This workplace bullying has to stop. There has to be a law against this. I've heard that Texas is the worst in regards to defending employees. Well, that has to change. Nobody should have to deal with this. We spend too many hours at work to have to tolerate this from supervisors, employees, etc.

Comments for Being Bullied And Then Wrongfully Terminted

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Amen Sister!
by: Mari

Here in Kansas we are just getting started. We are getting help with the bullying issues in our workplaces and our communities. Public awareness is key. Putting the focus on the bullies appears to be working. They are getting angry and proving themselves for who they are and what they are doing. The more they lash out... the more obvious they are about it. It is the nature of the beast.
Don't back down and keep the faith.
"Goodness does prevail."
You go girl.
God bless you in your journey.
It may get a little bumpy.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Julie, I’m from Houston and worked for an oil and gas co for 22yrs. I was layed off during Covid. I do not know how old your post is but it does not matter. I had a supervisor that bullied everyone. It was a horrible time. Management was aware of the supervisor's history and behavior for many years and never did anything. When I was moved to this supervisor's team it was pure hell. She was known to be the worst of the worst. I was always top of my performance ratings, never in the 22yrs I had any issues. I had to go through protocol with this issue as management set up meetings with me and told me exactly what to say as they wanted to see if she would retaliate. In the end, we had layoffs during Covid. I was told I had the same position as the company moved teams to other departments. I was eventually moved out of the bullies group but then Covid happened as this is when we knew before things were going to be downsized.

I had no worries, I thought? October 2020 they let us know by phone call what dept we would be in. I did not get a phone call I got a zoom invite with HR and management. I was in shock! Everyone else was in shock as they could not believe I was layed off. I knew it was because of what happened. A total of 5 ppl were layed off including the bully. I figured they had to let me go because I was not going to tolerate her behavior.

My last day was in December. The other 4 had to stay on to finish up their duties. I thought that was strange. I would hear from my co-workers how horrible I was treated and what they did.

I was told in 2021 they kept 3 of the employees including the bully and found her a position. My phone was blowing up! My co-workers were outraged they kept the bully and gave her a job. All in all, I felt I was collateral damage. With the severance I was given, I’m still struggling as I feel I have PTSD with everything I’ve been through. I feel beat down no good to work. Something needs to be done as these bullies use fear by intimidation. I had a great job working with great ppl but feel crushed to the ground.

Houston, Texas

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