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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Big, Bad Bullies!

by Anon

Oh my goodness, have I been bullied before. My one piece of advice to anyone who realize they are being bullied in it's earliest stage is to recognize it and report it. Three years ago, I was a novice nurse. From the very beginning, the charge nurse did not like me for no reason. I am serious guys. She would say all kinds of mean and demeaning things to me. At one point, she even hit me in my back.

I have never been the confrontational type because of a lack of self-esteem. So, I never said anything. I thought that if I could just win her over then things would change. It only got worse. Any mistakes that I made were taken out of proportion. After losing about 40 lbs and starting to feel better about myself, I began to speak up. At this point, I was transferred. It really took it's toll on my confidence and self esteem.

I have since started working at a new job and I love it. However, I find myself experiencing bullying again. This time it is from a nurse aide. Guys, I am so tired of this. But this time, I am prepared to fight. I don't care if the result is a loss of job . But, I absolutely refuse to be bullied again. The results of this type of behaviour is devastating. It has taken me nearly six months to rebuild my confidence and self esteem.

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