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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Big Bad Bully Wolf

by Shelton

I search hi and low almost everyday for answers, not for why people bully, but why when the person who can do something doesn't.

My story has played out in the media, TV, movies, as well as next door where least expected. Story of local and state agencies not living up to their motto. This agency is the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, their Motto is "We're Strengthening Families" when in actuality they are tearing them apart, especially if you are black or of a minority race.

Unskilled case workers making the decisions to remove children form the only home they've known, and it could be as simple as their struggling ways of living, does not meet the expectations of the unskilled case worker, or better yet. A young black lady gives birth at the local hospital, the attending nurse has an attitude and becomes very condescending in her interactions. A family member address the nurses attitude. After the young lady and her newborn baby is discharged from the hospital, the arrogant nurse contact the Department of Children and Families and files a vindictive complaint (51A). The young lady and her family are being harassed by the DCF.

Who can you really turn to for help? This agency has and continues to be one if not the biggest bullies in the state of Massachusetts.

The Governor's Office has been informed and fails to respond. I'm not sure if you are able to assist or lead me to a reliable source.

Can you please HELP!?

Thank you.

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