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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Big Brother With Learning Disabilities Being Harassed At Work

by Alvin
(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

I am sharing this—it's not actually myself (I would stand up to bullies) who is suffering from workplace bullying, but my big brother who has quite substantial learning difficulties is being harassed by his colleagues to resign his post. The bullies are continually confronting my brother in the changing room and when there are no witnesses around, dictating to him he resign immediately. I'm rather infuriated at this cowardice. My brother may be disadvantaged but is an extremely hard worker—never a day off until recently, goes out 6am until 3pm.

This bully is a new employee and he has made fun of the way my brother speaks in front of other colleagues but they can only intimidate my brother to resign when nobody else can see and hear this. Also they laughed, embarrassing my brother, to the extent he didn't want to go home where he lives with my mother which is having an effect on her too.

Please could you advise me on appropriate action to take to stop this immediately? Many thanks, Alvin.

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