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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bookshop Bullying

by David

I worked in a small bookshop. I enjoyed working with the manager until the appointment of a new member of staff. The new person quickly became aggressive toward me though I really could not understand why. The verbal abuse grew more and more intense as the weeks went by.

One of his pet themes to me was 'no one would care if you died.' He would also take regular readings from the till to check my time for going to lunch and returning. He criticized me in every conceivable way including personal insults about my taste in music, clothes, films and books.

If a friend rang for me he never failed to laugh at the private content of the call. This verbal abuse culminated in an assault when one day he suddenly swung a plastic bag that was full of parcels into my stomach. I simply didn't know what to do . The abuse grew worse and worse with non stop verbal abuse that impacted on my job.

I left the bookshop in state of depression and had a minor breakdown.

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Bookstore bully
by: Lizzy NJ

Well… bookstore bully; first I offer the standard advice I've always received after some workplace bully 'tore into me' and I lost a job I loved: "close the book." (that advice fits rather well in your case)

But yes… while it is hard; you have to go forward and put this behind you. Yes Yes; the man was a 'jerk' …but guess what? He doesn't realize he is (this was hard for me to come to…but 'tis true, some people KNOW NOT what they do)

This also took time for me to come to, but I believe I have figured out that 'the more troubles a person has of his own life' the more 'nasty' and 'talkative' they are to others to 'prove they are better' (low esteem) While those content with life who feel loved and accepted (most of all by the Spirit that gives life) are quiet and peaceful. It's like a wounded dog who snarls and growls to protect whatever 'dignity' they have left in them. Trust this: that person you worked with is desperately insecure in his life.

I'm a firm believer in the Lord, and if you can stay calm and not say a word, be 'meek' …then you show greater strength than any human power any human tosses at you. The meek will inherit the earth. Meaning: in time (God's time) you will be recognized for dealing effectively with a difficult situation. But it it gets dangerous (as in flinging objects at you) DON'T waste any time …give notice and find new work. (you will) You have a reason to state at next interview and as long as the firm didn't release…you come across as a person who knows their worth. TRUST GOD and leave this other one IN GOD'S HANDS.

NEVER stay where it is dangerous and never resort to same ways as a bully; and YOU Will Win.

Envy is the root cause
by: Cathy

Hi David,
I was very saddened to read your story. How awful for you. I had a similar experience myself when I started working many years ago. This lady who started after me but wanted the particular position that I had, did everything in her power to undermine me until she got it. From day one she envied my relationship with the boss and with co-workers so she wanted to shove me out of the way. Reading stories on this web site, this is always an underlying factor I think. While one is going through this one thinks "What is wrong with me, what did I do to deserve this....?"etc etc. The truth is you are probably just a very nice person, whom most people like and get along with and some people envy that because they are so unhappy themselves and would like to make your life as miserable as their own. I would advise you to seek counselling or speak with a trusted friend, family member, clergyman/woman so you can move on with your life. Take good care of yourself. God bless---Cathy

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