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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bossy Boss

I am working at ***** (fast food retailer), and my boss scold every staff in the workplace every single day, even if it was just a very minor mistake. Sometimes she would say hurting words like 'why are you so stupid?' Or 'use your common sense' when correcting our mistakes. One day when I was telling her something, she said I was talking rubbish. And when I wanted to explain about something I have made, she would ask me to stop giving excuses. And yesterday she said she could die working with us... And all those hurting words never end in the workplace!

This has affected my life so bad. I couldn't sleep well thinking all those words spoken by her, and going to work with fear every single day. I am hoping to get a better job, but I don't know how to resign from my workplace. :(

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Don't be SUB missive as SUB ordinate
by: Anonymous

FIRST; I am surprised that this website allowed the name of your employer to be put. (Anton, you might wish to strike out that name) (Note from Anton: Thanks. I'll update that.)

If your words are fully accurate, you boss is first of all: NOT an educated management professional who understands how to inspire the worker to excel for the firm as well as for self. My guess is your manager is very young (is that true?) Does you manager have any college training or is he or she merely "a worker with a title' and a clip board? I would be curious.

What is the difficulty of going out and finding new job? If food service is what you like; try a supermarket where you can work in the deli (slicing the cold cuts and maybe making a sandwich) Supermarket management gets trained in handling the personnel. At times, you belong to a union (maybe that's good for you) Then…work your job and be happy. Be loyal, be reliable, be conscientious and learn as much as possible.

If you can take a course relating to food management; nutrition do so in addition to your day job. (see what extra knowledge leads to) Take ownership of your life (you sound young; but maybe you are not…are you young?)

There is never a reason for a person of authority to berate a person. Good managers usually do not praise (and that's ok) but neither should they belittle.) They do speak what is expected, they keep all informed of what new requirements come up in professional manner, they do not need to be bossy as in being 'the hateful one'

Examine your own self carefully; if you are coming in on time, doing as told, asking of this person without being a loose cannon who just 'does' as you think it should go without speaking of the doing to 'boss'… if in every way you are acting responsibly and that is the treatment of this boss…

PU-LEEESE hand a written letter of resignation (out in open so you are not put in harms way) Do it with witnesses (not necessarily customers; but make sure it's in the open and maybe with boss on one side of counter as you are on other. "here's my resignation" turn on heels AND LEAVE. Then; go find a better job and a better life. (retail food help is abundant, especially when young or raise the sights to a corporate supermarket chain) Chain supermarkets also offer better wages, holidays off (eventually), vacation, and benefit and pension packages. Do some good work for yourself.

LEAVE…(oh, keep a copy of the SHORT written resignation; and don't mention his or her attitude; just "better opportunity presents itself and I am resigning" Thank you. (sign)

After you are settled in new place 3 months; if you wish to write to this sandwich shop corporate headquarters and inform (maybe anonymously) that the manager who works at … location is (use educated words) verbally abusive to staff (cite a few examples) and an inspector should come and observe; for the sake of the name of the firm (praise company) do so; but don't give name and don't pursue it. If they want to follow up they will. If not; DON'T GO NEAR that store. You reported it even anonymously and you have done what you think is best. DON'T report til you are firmly established in a new job. (after six months to a year perhaps)

Go forward, don't look back… pat yourself on back for having grown a bit and keep on growing.

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