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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Brutally Mobbed And Fired From Large Company

by TMartin
(Columbus, OH)

I am trying to move on after losing my job of 21 years to mobbing. It was the dirtiest, cruelest experience I have ever experienced. It was unbelievable. They tried to fire a psychopath, evil, bully coworker and she literally came after me. (scapegoating?) Before I knew it she had somehow convinced my coworkers and bosses that I was a horrible monster and needed to go when in actuality, I raised the bar and they didn't want it raised; I was a 'threat' to them. She is a low performing, deceptive employee. Their plan to get me fired began. I told HR that it was intimidating because I could tell they were plotting to get me fired and HR told me it was in my head yet it happened 1 year 6 days of hell later.

There was lies, deception, sabotage, subtle and subliminal harassment by my entire group. They started leaving me out of pertinent info - I could see exactly what they were doing and I could not believe it was happening. Every time I tried to tell mgmt it was happening, I got 'it's in your head' and 'it's not happening' yet management was involved too. It was totally out of my control, they were setting me up left and right, planted their fabricated lists of horrible performance in my file without my knowledge and my HR visit file made me out to look like a troublemaker - Serious defamation. I tried reporting it to outside sources but the director convinced them it was not happening and that I was a poor performer anyhow - which was not the case at all. Those reports got me closer to the back door. Harassment got so bad that the director had IT cut off my server connection right as the psychopath coworker requested asap survey needing connection to that server.

I called my former director and told him that I cannot endure this stress anymore. I told him about them shutting off my server connection and that they were intentionally crashing my databases and my reports of it to management went nowhere. Since management was behind it - basically anybody in my dept was allowed to do anything they wanted and they did and it brought them together, teamwork at it's finest. I was fired the next day for calling former director (RETALIATION!!!!).

Even though I was mentally and physically exhausted, and in spite of the threats I got from the psychopath not to sue, I was driven to try to get some legal recourse after I was fired because I had no control of what was happening to me while I had my job. Since the director had so much hatred towards me (superior bully) and she was guilty of participating in mobbing and fighting for her job, she had their lawyer lie to mine and of course is saying it wasnt retaliation. She said I was being disruptive saying that my reports of crashing databases were investigated and dismissed (LIE) and so that call to director was disruptive... HAHA!@#$ So they say there is no liability. (This mob stole my job that I loved, my pension and my dignity!) So essentially she's claiming my call was disruptive yet it directly followed her having IT cut off my server connection!! Letting coworkers sabotage things all year to frame me is okay?? The only justice I got is I think my lawyer's letter sent to Corporate at least got the director and psychopath in trouble and hopefully fired.

The director thought she was above the law and my psychopathic coworker was a bad virus to the company - it got way out of control!... It bothers me that I think they did manage to convince the company that I had performance issues when I was a much better performer than them… it's called ENVY. I had no control over what they were framing on me... After being a great, non-confrontational hard working employee for 21 years, I got brutally fired for disruptive behavior for reporting their misconduct and received my cubicle belongings in toilet paper boxes!!!! (that's the mentality I was up against for a year…)

The company has fired a good employee and the sabotagers still have their employment -unbelievable... They will get theirs someday - I refuse to let their disgustingly evil acts destroy me… I do not know how they look in the mirror each day... I WILL move on and will not work with that mentality ever again.

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I had same experience...
by: Sue

I know how you feel. I was treated in exactly the same way by a company; only I was a CUSTOMER of that company, not an employee.
I don't mean to sound alarmist but some psychopaths are into getting other people to stalk those they don't like.
This is happening to me also. Some people in my neighbourhood are under the sway of this psychopath and will do whatever is asked of them.
This psychopath has tried to get other people to harrass me on the street, and that was after I stopped using the particular store in question to do my weekly shop.
The criminals responsible for what has happened to me are still working there and they appear to have been protected by the Management.
Thus there are multiple stalkers in companies who take advantage of their positions to terrorise innocent members of the public, be they fellow workers or customers.
Be careful not to have any more contact with these psychopaths.
My advice is to cut all further communications with them and to have nothing whatever to do with them. They are dangerous people and you need to keep a million miles away from these guys.
I am sorry you lost your job of so many years. I think it is better to try to move on and start afresh somewhere else.
You can't come up against a psychopath and hope to win, because you probably won't.
I wish you all the best for the future and remember, where a door closes, somewhere, there is another that has opened.

by: TMartin

Thanks for caring & for your comments. I am having one of those days so it's nice to know someone understands and cares. The psychopath did reach out to my former best friend and got info from her and my former best friend had asked me what my mother's maiden name is right before I figured out what was going on. I read somewhere that the 'criminal mind' will threaten to use information they have as long as you cooperate. I got a lawyer anyway -I am driven to bring the dirty truth out... like they say... the truth will set you free. I have no desire to stay in touch with those freaks. If the psycho continues to haunt me, I will haunt the corporation that negligently allowed this hatred to spiral out of control. What a waste of energy...

Common denominator-management
by: Anonymous

I too have often thought about getting a lawyer, but I've been looking at the odds of winning and it isn't good. Big corps have been down this road before, they know how to rip a person apart, and in my case, I don't have the strength to do it. They, along with ugly co-workers have worn me down and made me fearful. So be careful and ask yourself why your doing this and if putting yourself (health) in the firing line is worth it.
By reading many of these stories I see a common denominator over and over again; management.
Perhaps we as victims need to send our government and big corps a message. Your paying a lot of big money to higher ups that are not doing their job, who are ignoring complaints, not investigating and not taking us seriously. I ask big corps, why pay a HR person when they don't do what you hired them to do, isn't that stealing?
It is managements responsibility to give all workers a safe and healthy work place, both physically and mentally. When corps allow their higher ups to bully we all lose. The effects are costly to the corps themselves as well as society.

by: Anonymous

I agree, but they cannot win a case on lies... They cannot say I disrupted when I did not. They cannot say they investigated & dismissed a form of the harassment/sabotage I reported when they did not. If there truly was an investigation, why wasn't I included? Why wasn't I informed of it? I would be interested in seeing it. I was not told that I cannot discuss that sabotage they claim to have investigated and dismissed even though I witnessed it on the last day. All my reports of the sabotage to my mgrs were ignored/dismissed, but there was no investigation of it to my knowledge. We all knew it was just another form of their harassment. And only a mobber's mentality can turn a call which was a plea of help from their abuse to turn it into me as the one being disruptive. Cutting off a server connection is not disruptive at all but my reporting it is???!@#$%^&. Maybe a lie detector test will be needed to get to the bottom of it, but I will get to the bottom of it and clear my name.

I know what you mean!
by: Blacklist-Ed

Unfortunately in the USA unless you have an employment contract, union contract, or civil service status you are literally "employed at will" and can be legally fired at any time for any reason or no reason. Right to work = Right to enslave!

Taking legal action can be very expensive and may well not work in your favor. Unless you can prove discrimination based on age, sex, race, disability, or demonstrate a hostile or unsafe work environment or direct violations of the labor law (ie not getting paid for hours worked, not getting OT for working on a holiday, etc) the courts will rule against you.

Please read "Blacklisted in Community Corrections", my story; still on this site. Overall I've found when applying for other jobs putting down "Will explain at interview" to be perfectly legal. When asked don't badmouth your previous company, but emphasize that it was one supervisor that you couldn't make anything work with.

An old friend of mine actually said it the best. "When I forgive you I'm doing you a favor. When I forget about you I'm doing me a favor!" Good luck!

Re; common denominator - management.
by: Sue

I read with interest the post by 'Anonymous.'
You are right about 'higher ups' not doing their jobs. I do wonder though if this dismissive attitude is deliberate.
My feeling is that this whole problem of bullying, mobbing, (and in my case, organised gangstalking) is systemic. That is, communities and workplaces nowadays have been literally 'set-up' to scapegoat certain people.
I think what we are up against is a corrupt system, not just a group of localised creeps and thugs engaged in a vendetta.
Widespread bullying and scapegoating is a symptom of a heavily corrupted society, and it's hard to see what the solution is.
My feeling is, that all this starts at the 'top' and works its way down the society; hence management collusion with corrupt practices and psychopathic employees.
So yes I agree with Anon - maybe we should start thinking of approaching our governments and big corporations and all those others at the top and start bringing them to account for this explosion in mobbing and abuse in our workplaces and neighbourhoods.
Good post.

1 bad seed can corrupt alot of people
by: Anonymous

In my case the psychopath that was scapegoating on me and formed a gang to protect her job and remove mine is what I think the root of the problem was. Boy she was really mad and was not going to lose. My career was over right when she had it out for me. I've observed that a psychopath will corrupt whoever she needs to so that she can accomplish what she wants with her very dirty power. I saw good people fall under her spell. The management needs to be non-corruptable (very moral) people so that they don't get sucked in by the unbelievable influential powers of a psychopath. I was not so lucky and there was no hope for me. Gangstalking began once I said attorney after I was wrongfully fired. I am a good person and resent that I've gotten mixed up in all this ugliness because the corporation was not monitoring this disgruntled employee that should have been fired yet she scared them.

Re; Anonymous
by: Sue

I understand about the manipulative powers of a psychopath. The one who has gone after me has managed to corrupt an entire neighbourhood, not to mention local businesses and God knows how many other people.
This person has an insane obsession for wanting to go after me.
The maddest thing about it is that I am a stranger to them: they don't even know me as a person. I am just someone they have seen walking around the area or visiting the local store where they (still) work.
How about that for insanity! I can't tell or convince anyone just how insane this person is. They are very dangerous, even to children.
Psychopaths are always looking to blame someone else for their problems and every one believes whatever they have to say.
The word 'evil' comes to mind even though some people might be uncomfortable with it, but that is the only appropriate word I can find for it.
This person had me gangstalked by others in the area, people who you might think are reasonably nice, pleasant people.
My only solution in the long term would be to move away, but I would have to move very far away, and make sure no one knows where I have gone. The gangstalkers have tried to spread their lies beyond the immediate neighbourhood where I live.

by: cant say

Wow...your situation sounds pretty bad. You would think the psycho would eventually let you go and move on to another target...I am sorry for that cruelty you're being subjected to. Are you able to just ignore it or does that piss them off? I think it is very fair to use the word 'EVIL' for them. My psycho just pulled in my neighbor across the street. I warned my neighbor to stay out of it because she's scary evil and a criminal but she still got sucked in to the hateful cultlike spell. I am still pursuing legal recourse and with recent events I believe the psycho is pissed so she was desperate to get to me somehow. She's corrupted yet another person...I feel sorry for her new victim it's like she was bitten by a vampire, she will never be the same. I had my EAP session today and asked if she had counseled any psychopaths and she said no, they don't think they need counseling... I agree, counseling would be worthless for them...they need to be locked up in a mental facility. They are scary evil... Hang in there...

Re; Anonymous
by: Sue

Thank you for your understanding. The words 'evil' 'cult-like' and 'spell' describe the situation just as I have experienced it.

Hardly anyone talks to me now in my street, but the gangstalking has stopped - of late - and I hope it stays that way.

Maybe that/or they are getting tired of me and just need fresh 'meat' but it has left me without friends and has corrupted our community.

Thank you again.

Any input on the aftermath?
by: Mobbed

Can anyone let me know how you felt afterwards and how long it took to get over it?? I still feel alot of anger and think about it alot each day, is that normal? My friends don't get it. I am going on 7 months after the termination which was preceded with over a year of hell trying to work with a very evil psychopath that had it out for me and she entertained herself with planning my harassment & termination. It involved her maliciously assassinating my reputation, instilling hatred towards me in a large group of people and she sadistically enjoyed sending me signs when she pulled in a new person. She had an IT person block out a doc on my desktop which made it stand out from the others. It was my notes of things I had witnessed them doing. She could have had IT just delete it and I never would have noticed it missing but instead she wanted me to see that she has been in my pc and they were about to take it over... Is that a deranged person or what? I have anger that I was forced to deal with this evil person when they knew she had it out for me. Should I be over all this by now?? I'm still trying to pursue legally and she still sends me signs through 2 ex friends she's cast her evil spell on. Am I overreacting or not dealing with this properly? When can I expect to be past this ugliness?

Re; any imput on the aftermath, by mobbed.
by: Susan

I can't say that I can give you the best answer on this one, but I'll try.
Anger is a very normal reaction to a situation that you are helpless to stop. Part of the problem is the lack of support mechanisms for people who are victims of psychopaths.
It is very frustrating. It is difficult to find help, and that only compounds the anger and sense of injustice.
I still have feelings of anger and depression, partly because people who should help and offer me support have seemingly been taken in by the lies and half-truths and protect the person responsible.
I cannot say you wont' get over it, but I think it can take a long time.
It certainly has altered my perceptions of other people and of our society and I don't think I can ever trust others again totally.
In that respect I think the changes have been permanent.
I am still trying to work through my anger. It might be a good idea to go and see a counselor, but I am not sure how many are knowledgeable about psychopathy. It would help if you could find someone like that.
I try to channel my anger into something positive and I hope in time you can do the same.
Good luck and all the best.

Lies and More Lies
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing what happened. I can totally relate to much of this. Although I only worked six months for the company, I ended up being the object of attack, sabotage, and lies at the hands of psycho manager who even went so far to fabricate the review of my work and find errors where none existed so I would not succeed in my written warning of performance deficiencies. My colleagues were better than me at flying under the radar and keeping their distance. Maybe that's why I became the target. For whatever reason, have been unable to find a job in six months, and wonder what company's part has been in this. I recently filed a complaint through their ethics complaint system. I expected nothing of value in their response, and I was right, because all they did was interview the lying manager and then basically reported to me in writing what was wrong with my work. Company is clueless they have a psycho manager in their midst who lies and takes credit for others' work, and is clueless what the people she manages really do. Female as well. I felt a sense of justice and closure in being able to communicate the truth of the lies and the bullying words and call it for what it was,and was clear I never had any of these kinds of so-called problems in my decades long career. The superficial response I received about my complaint was countered by more words of truth and the devastation manager's actions continue to have on my financial future, which is more or less now destroyed. Too old to ever recover that. Thinking of legal avenues for restitution, but the time, expense, and dragging this out for years seems overwhelming. I need closure and need to move on, as best I can.

Caution -legal pursuit for mobbing
by: Anonymous

I tried to pursue it legally because it was very cruel and corrupt due to psycho's ability to brainwash and coerce people to do wrongful things. For example, she had IT plant infected files in my pc (she was guilty of porn and I was her scapegoat) and she had management secretively place that stigmatizing accusation in my file (serious DEFAMATION). Then at job#2, she had the outsourced IT vendor plant infected files in my pc (their customer) sending viruses around their customer's systems!!! Why do these naieve people fall for these LIES from a stranger posing as the victim and do whatever they ask them to do? Their followers give them power because they do not stop & think before participating in their destructive campaigns. Long story short - pursuing workplace mobbing legally (depending on the caliber of the toxic person behind it) will expose you to more abuse, setups & smear campaigns while they remove your support systems (friends, family). They are known for isolating their prey to weaken them in their attack. The best thing I could have done is to leave my job before all of that damage was done but hindsight is 20-20. The ugly only gets uglier while you try to clear your name especially if you were the 'forced scapegoat' to save another's job. My pursuit threatened her because the truth I was determined to force out to clear me implicated the malicious motive. I have countless stories to show how far they will go to win, they stop at NOTHING. I am trying to recover from the damage that resulted from my pursuit. After getting a threat from my therapist (puppet of the day) to not report the infected files, I reported it anyway- I refused to be falsely accused of porn. A few weeks later I received death threat voice mails, there was a hate war brewing in the neighborhood (she brainwashed my neighbors with lies), I was heavily gang stalked and framed to spend 1 month in psych ward while my son was removed from me based on false, secretive allegations made to probate court the day before the setup. It was horrible. I am not crazy, I know the ugly truth. If you try to pursue workplace mobbing legally, be prepared for an ugly war. I can say that I tried and exposed at least some of the ugly truth. All of the other lies remain deeply buried in their web of fabrications and sabotage twisting the sick reality of what they did. Good luck.

Just get away...
by: Sarah

To Anonymous...
I was warned on another website about going after psychopaths and pursuing legal avenues against them.
The site owner, Larry, had done this himself and it almost destroyed him.
Truth is, trying to 'get even' with a sociopath is the most dangerous thing you can do, as you probably know by first hand experience.
Pychopaths are not afraid of the legal or criminal justice system, and probably know how to play it better than the rest of us do. The psycho concerned may even have had previous experience of it - and won the case.
To tell a victim of a sociopath to run for their lives goes against our every instinct for justice and accountability, and it is also a blow to our ego and sense of self esteem.
BUT, running for your very life is the best thing you will ever do.
Larry's answer to me was - get away - put as much distance between yourself and this individual as you possibly can. Don't play their game or respond to threats or other bait, just get away as quickly as possible.
Even shrinks are afraid of these people, they know the unique capacity for evil that these individuals have!
Don't ruin your life trying to fight this person, just get away and don't look back.

Mobbing Poem
by: Anonymous

To my ex coworkers, a few things to say so I can file these memories away….
I’m not sure why you declared war on me but I sure was shocked at how cruel you could be.
You suddenly began spreading malicious lies - in no time flat you had me stigmatized.
You plotted my exit and staged your lies well. You denied what was obvious and put me through hell.
You went to great lengths to create false perceptions. I couldn’t believe all of the deception.
I think you were brainwashed to think I deserved that - I guarantee you did not have all the facts.
So much anger, spite and misplaced blame – I felt gang raped but you showed no shame.
I went to HR pleading for help but I had to face your witch hunt myself.
I begged for the truth and some clarity yet behind my back you were blaming me!
And to the sabotagers-> I know who you are... You silently contributed to the hate war.
You messed with my data without telling me, for that list in my file for others to see.
It will come back around if it’s true what they say... Maybe you should triple check your work every day.
Tired of your lies, I started to squirm... You jump started plan B to carry out my term.
I called out for help a few times again while you were all staging the means to my end.
Your resentment and anger spiraled into a mess. I felt like the prize buck in a hunting contest.
Some people think I only lost my job – but I’d have done anything to avoid the cruel mob.
I went through appeals hoping they’d make it right - yet another decision was made by your spite.
My stuff came in toilet paper cartons-come on, seriously? Why waste that last chance to humiliate me?
I was a mess but could not let it be. Why should I have to live with the shame YOU placed on me?
I started a journey to clear up my name- facing more lies, accusations and another smear campaign!
You wouldn’t budge and neither would I until finally I found that dark hidden lie.
That discovery confirmed what I knew all along—people just don’t care and do what is wrong.
Such an ugly ending to 21 years... some due diligence sure could have saved many tears.
If I see anyone out, I’ll smile and say hi. I lost the hate war without the chance to say bye...

by: Anonymous

For what its worth, stay strong, and bounce back quickly. Seems like you were on a boat that was sinking, and only the rats were left onboard. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

Thanks. The mentally ill monster has now turned my family into her rats. She has a huge pack of brainwashed rats under her spell... at least they have each other LOL!). While I was framed to spend a month in the psych ward she had my parents perjure to probate court to yank my autistic son from me (I was his life) and has them slandering me (behind my back of course) and they will not even allow me to talk to him on the phone. They are trying hard to frame me as 'mentally ill' and as 'the problem' but I know what the real problem is. They need to try to locate their heads and pull them out of their a$$e$. They claim to have my son's best interests in mind yet they took his mother from him - SICK (Isn't that what OJ Simpson did?)

Mobbing is torture to endure
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for you. I have suffered mobbing at the hands of a group of people over a 14mh perios. I lost my dignity, my self confidence and many friends . To this day I have no idea why they targetted me, it was insidious and utterly cruel. Whispers, lies, defamation of my character and shunning by so many. It spread through them like a virus, more and more shunned me over time. I do not know what was said about me, was never given the opportunity to put the truth out there or defend myself. I had strange phone calls, no-one answering on the other end, I had hate mail from people I hardly knew telling me I deserved to be shunned as I was so rude and unpleasant (I am a people pleaser so that is a ridiculous accusation to throw at me). There is a sociopath at the centre of these people and I suspect it all stems from her. Its left me very low in mood and energy and I find myself uneasy in the presence of people. My self esteem and self worth is in tatters. My relationship with my partner has suffered greatly, my flashes of anger are awesome and not easy to live with. I have cut all ties with this group of people, even some close friends of many years have had to go.

by: Anonymous

it is crazy how humans behave.
i also have experienced mobbing and had a time where i was quite depressed and started losing my self confidence. i resigned, and suddenly the situation changed, suddenly it was me the strong one and everybody else crying saying "you are lucky that you can leave"! it was a incredible experience, i think all these mobbies are unhappy people full of self-doubts and they try to put "threats" down and everybody else just shuts up.
just stay away from such environments, it destroys you.

Community Mobbing and Psychiatric reprisals
by: Anonymous

Has anyone seen this article?

I had the identical experience in the State of Ohio employment. Employees taunting me daily with racial epithets. Calling me everything from a terrorist to worse on a daily basis. I was given unendurable amounts of work and then was blamed if it wasn't perfect and on time. This was pretty much a constant of my employment from 2009-2013.

It was a horrible thing to live through but I can tell you they do a much worse thing than mobbing now. It's called gang stalking and it's when you work for a powerful enough entity that they can recruit neighbors, police to continue the mobbing behavior in and around your home and your social life.

I literally had to endure coworkers invading the places I went to socialize--and they just stared--in front of witnesses. I endured stalking and slanders like that for the entire time I was employed by this State Agency.

In my case, after I 6 month noise campaign failed at my condominium, I was literally fumigated out of my home . (Yes I got the toxicology done to prove it). Just try calling the police to tell them that. It doesn't work.

At the same time I was subject simultaneously to the worst mobbing behavior possible at work. When I attempted to report it they did a psychiatric reprisal similar to his. There were some worse things but I'll leave it out here-suffice it to say that a type of organized crime has penetrated our work and our communities and it destroys the lives of innocent people.

Anthony M.

Toxic people/communities
by: Anonymous

It is scary to watch people you know to be 'corrupted' by the toxic manipulators (I consider to be like 'Hitler'). They poison their minds with resentment and turn them into very ugly, hateful people--narrow minded and stupid. They have no idea they have been negatively brainwashed and are participants in a criminal, Nazi-like destructive cult lead by deranged sociopaths. They are brainwashed to think the others are the evil ones yet they are the ones doing the evil things such as spreading the poisonous hate and participating in various kinds of sadistic abuses such as stalking or gaslighting (TWISTED!). Only mentally ill people stalk (and those brainwashed by the mentally ill). It is frightening for our children's futures as society is being saturated with this hateful, sadistic, twisted (us vs them, kill or be killed) mentality. God help us...

I was mobbed bullied exactly the same way
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel and exactly the same reaction above me, below me and beside me and even a 3rd party company was manipulated and participated....totally ruined my life....I at least got to quit...before fired and tried to sue but no one was honest and witnesses avoided and lied....I almost lost my home which is still under threat and almost lost custody of my child....still no justice and same result as yourself....I know how you feel.

UK experiences
by: Anonymous

Here in the UK we have tougher employment laws. They did not prevent me getting dismissed because of the actions of a bully but they did have to pay me a years salary as compensation on threat of being sued by my Trades Union.

I was bullied by a colleague but when I complained to my manager she just brushed it under the carpet and refused to act. I started having time off sick and was sent to the company doctor who recommended I be separated from the bully. I was placed in another office where I worked happily for 4 months without a single day off sick. Then I was told there would be a reorganization and I would have to work with the bully again. I had a breakdown at the thought of having to cope again and went on extended sick leave.

My sick leave was treated as a disciplinery offence which is contrary to UK law. I was asked to attend an "investigation" of my allegations at which there was supposed to be mediation. However this large company could not find anyone to mediate and it turned into a disciplinery hearing after which I was dismissed.

by: Anonymousc

I've been away from my old job for two months. Yeah it hurts, I was bullied by boss psycopath then mobbed. Wikipedia "how to get a coworker fired" is pretty much what my coworkers did plus phone harassment at home etc at the request of the boss. And I could see them gearing up for it. Lucky for me I had taken notes and told union and eap.
One way I have coped with it and how I worked there while all the shit was going on was to detach from the situation. I tried not to take it personally, after all they are just coworkers that don't know me very well.I tried to be more of an interested observer, not reacting to the bullshit and trying to find the comedy. Bullies and their cohorts are inadequate and pathetic clowns.
But of course I'm out of work and they are not. There are great workplaces out there and I'm going to find one!

Africa eɔperience
by: Anonymous

My advice to all u hurt folks is faith is the answer. Mobbing was tried but failed. The attacks continued as he recruited two sociopaths to help as he saw the minions were useless. In the end I got out with dignity and with lots of faith. Faith as in unconditional trust that I am loved by everyone including my enemies and of course God. This helped a lot as it disables them in their ability to hurt you and your love will be apparent to all. You also are happier. Always understand that if they are able to make you unhappy in anyway. Count them as an upportunity to learn the powers of unconditional trust in another's love. I know I am supposed to be hurt but I'm not and it hurts the sociopath and psychopath that they can't crush my spirit. Watch out for hatred and fear. Enjoy your life. Be happy. Believe God loves you no matter what you say or do. Remind yourself of this to calm down. Tell yourself that everyone including your enemies love you constantly so you can move on very fast. And neɔt time as soon as you see such things prepare an eɔit strategy. Peace

by: Anonymous


Community harrasment/mobbing
by: Anonymous

Mobbed/bullied/slut shamed in my community because of vicious rumors about my family and self started as retaliation for a me reporting a crime.Everyone believes them and torments me mercilessly. Feeling completely hopeless, tired and injured. I just want a peaceful life. I have lost all of my family and friends to these rumors and I have no one to to count on and I dont have any money to move. These people will not stop until they have caused me as much injury as possible. I no longer feel like a human being as they have affected the daily quality of my life so much. The way people treat others out of fear and hate is depressing effects the way I think of human beings.

Jealousy Mobbing
by: Anonymous

I endured over 3 years of mobbing. It began with a jealous coworker after I received a gift on my desk during no lunch from a former client I had with my previous employer. The personally signed card, from the prestigious firm, read "we are happy for you however we will really miss you!" I was belittled almost daily for things that made little sense. My opinions on the law that were valid were shot down in flames or dismissed. At one point I was told off by my supervisor for answering a question "as if I knew what I was talking about" for a coworker when the answer "was not correct". There was a loophole in the law that in fact could adjust my answer, although it was redundant as the answer in the end was still the same, it was just another way of getting to the same result. This was again brought up in my annual review as "giving other staff members bad information without researching first". Every day my coworkers would go downstairs for coffee in the morning and I was excluded. At lunch I was also excluded but sometimes asked if I wanted anything. Clientele was never voluntarily introduced to me when visiting, they would walk right past me unless the client stopped when seeing my name plate. I was mocked as a joke right to my face. I was ignored when I asked questions consistently. My files disappeared or were tampered with and in my final weeks prior to my "layoff" the assaults had escalated to the point that I couldn’t even operate my computer programs properly! I would be locked out, the documents I was working on were renames, disappeared or were locked up and difficult to make the adjustments I needed to make. 3 weeks prior to my "layoff" I went to see my family doctor and he said "you’re being sabotaged ". It took me almost a month to be able to stop shaking on the inside.

This happens to me all the time.
by: Pixie

I totally understand.

This happens to me probably 4 out of every 6 jobs I have. Sometimes jobs are good and fair; I do good work and I get rewarded, and if there is a problem they talk to me about it.

BUT - most of the time I am tricked and sabotaged. I've been promised things that are lies, I've been fired after a good work performance because someone new gets hired and decides I have to go, and there is never an explanation. I just get canned.

My last 2 jobs tricked me by telling me they were making me a full time employee (I am freelance) and the first time I believed them (it was a trick and a lie and they fired me for no reason a few months later) but the SECOND time I was not fooled. I knew they were lying and I was right.

It's like they want to break you, make you hurt yourself. They run away like cowards and fire you through email. I've been let go by so many jobs with no explanation. Just one day, BYE! It's like they get paid off or something.

I don't know how to fix it. There's nothing we can do but keep swimming. Try not to be homeless. They will TRY TO make you look crazy. YOU try to not GO crazy.

Been there, trying to overcome that!
by: Betty

I have also had the recent misfortune of being bullied out of a job that I loved by a sociopath and one of my colleagues. I was a director at an organization and had repeated attempts at being set up for misconduct. One of my first clues was one of my staff advising me that they had been asked about my dialogue during a leadership meeting where I was asking my colleague about her work on a substantial project and she lodged a complaint against me for bullying. What had once been an environment where I had thought I could express my thoughts became a place where anything and everything I said was scrutinized and deemed to be adversarial. One of the biggest ironies is the colleague that I had once had (what I thought!) was a friendship with, was the person to lodge a complaint against me for bullying, is the daughter of a person who facilitates workplace bullying workshops. That was certainly how she got her subject matter expertise! I have been off for two months and have never been in such a situation. These people have destroyed my perception of professional competency and I am trying to regain it on a daily basis. My family has been impacted as I tried to go above and beyond the last six months to please a boss that was not to be pleased. I'm re-establishing my relationship with my 9 year old son and trying to once again figure out who I am as a mother and professional. Be careful out there.

Workplace mobbings are on the increase
by: Lisa Johnson

Corporate mobbings will happen more frequently now that cancel culture has taken hold in our society. I have absolutely no doubt that workplace bullying and mobbing is a huge factor in America's rapid decline. The good employees are eliminated by the incompetents in management who have risen through the ranks using ass kissing rather than abilities. They feel very threatened by talented employees.

I "survived" if you can call it that
by: Anonymous

I "survived" if you can call it that... 8 years of it and this is the only thing of value I can add here. I'm still haunted by the experience although 5 years removed from it. My dignity and self-esteem stolen... suffered a stroke and almost died at work despite having no other risk factors apart from the blinding stress and fear at work....anyway I'll just say this: Legal recourse? forget it... You'll be destroyed by the corporate legal team and the countless "witnesses" they'll have who all "witnessed' things that never happened... in my case one such "witness" was in fact out of the office and 1,500 miles away on the East coast but still "witnessed' a completely fabricated 'incident' that never occurred... I was able to easily prove so but did it matter? Heck no! That's just 1 of countless examples I could go on forever... I'll just say this: there are some fights you can't win. Apart from God Himself stepping in and intervening directly on your behalf it can't be done.

What's the motive?
by: Anonymous

I ask myself "why?" Why do people do this type of thing? What's the motive? I was told many times by the attorneys that nobody believed me or would believe me because the people doing the mobbing had nothing to gain by destroying my reputation and getting me fired... they had no motive so that's proof I'm not telling the truth. People who commit rape also have nothing to gain... but it happens every day... why? All I can think of is that mobbing is a very easy way to completely destroy a person without any risk of any consequences of any kind. It's certainly not illegal and I've never heard of any workplace bully being fired or disciplined for mobbing. There is no risk to anyone but the victim. The victim and only the victim gets fired.

Still being targeted
by: Anonymous

I ran from my job 13 years ago and am still being mobbed and harassed! No one will help me!

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