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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied as Cleaner in a Care Home

by Mary

I was a victim of indirect bullying during early lockdown. My job had begun to feel isolated anyway. Heard myself being referred to as Queer (MY Name). Queer meaning odd in my case. Oh, how I hate that term. My main nemesis was senior disability nurse.

They look after adults with intellectual disabilities - showed a lot of empathy, didn't they. Also nasty rumours were spread, and they said I would only dress nicely if I was trying to impress someone I fancied. Now I am a happily married middle-aged woman, therefore I would consider this slander.

My work was criticized behind my back. Unfairly sometimes and never to my face to give me a chance to defend myself.

Was afraid to report, but I knew the manager knew. I did document and date incidents.

Overheard manager telling staff one morning she had never liked me anyway, then listed out my perceived faults. I was devastated. Soldiered on anyway, but one day I heard her tell another nurse she couldn't stand me, and she couldn't wait for me ti go. Remember I had done nothing wrong.

That was the last straw for me. Shortly after I confronted the manager in the hall, ( maybe foolish) but at least plenty staff members learned what I thought of her. I told her she had mismanaged - and I believe so. I did not use language. She pretended to be surprised and denied everything.

I left. Have a tiny amount of hours with another company in the same town.

Trouble is, even 15 months on, I think my name is mud in the town. I believe she and maybe more of them spread ridiculous rumours about me, some did come back to my kids from their friends. I am suffering very much knowing lots of people believe these rumours. I have heard the whispers of staff in shops, and am even treated badly when shopping sometimes.l have a few bad days every week thinking about it.l was always a bit shy, now I almost have a phobia about leaving my house.

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