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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied At Work :(


I recently have been bullied at work with the person in question making belittling comments about my work. If I try to defend myself by justifying things he makes me feel like I am at fault and then tells me to calm down in a very disrespectful way, even though I was calm anyway.

I have also had my work notes ruined by other colleagues, I can't prove who done it as I didn't see it, but now I have raised a formal complaint but I feel that nothing will get done to fix this other than me handing in my resignation.

I know I am very good at my job and I have only been in my job for about 6 months, my main concern is what I can do and what other people say when they investigate this, as I have this feeling that they will all cover it up and make out like I am just complaining as some of the witnesses might be possible suspects.

Until you actually go through this process you never realise how hard it is for someone who is being bullied. I actually feel very sad as I did like my job and was starting to get more into my work and enjoy more things about working for this company. My main issue now is I don't see what HR can do to fix this as even if they do get rid of one person in the team I feel there must be others who are part of all of this and I know for a fact I wouldn't want to work in any company or environment where there is bullying.

Any advice anyone? Please…

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Bulled At Work
by: Linda Guirey

I do feel for you in that situation. What it really comes down to is whether or not you have witnesses, or can get witnesses and evidence - evidence of work that has been interfered with or sabotaged.

If you feel that some other bully will just step up and take over the position, then there may be an issue of mobbing or a serious bullying culture.

I would possibly suggest that you try to document incidents and try and get witnesses to any abusive behaviour. Then you have something concrete to take to HR. If HR fail to investigate your allegations appropriately, you may need to have a plan B, which in my view would be to find another job.

All too often I hear of people who speak up about bullying, only to have the bullying increase as a result. I am not saying this is going to happen, and your best defence is to have witnesses and documentation, but I am not sure what the culture is like there.

Just remember, if the bullying starts to affect your health - if you start dreading going to work and feel sick, then find another job as soon as you can - don't let other people have control over your health.

Linda Guirey
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by: Bob

Thanks Linda for your helpful comments - I have no idea what HR will find and I feel totally upset with the whole situation and feel let down by the company as it feels that some employees they do whatever they can to hide things.

I do not see the situation getting any better and I feel that I might have to leave due to my work environment.

It's also interesting to see now how HR are and that they dont really try to help you and that managers and certain colleagues pretend to be nice but when it really comes down to it they couldnt give a monkeys about anyone else especially someone who raises an issue about bullying.

I have to say this is the worst experience of my life and I would never wish anyone to be in this situation.

I feel sorry that people in this world cant just let others get on and do their job without interfering and messing around or making comments that could be offensive or damaging.

Like you say the only real solution is to leave.

At the moment I am seriously considering that and feeling that maybe I should even work overseas somewhere.

Find another job- sad to say
by: Laura

I feel for you as I too am going through the same thing. Unless you can count on the witnesses to come forward, forget it. They will run with their tails between their legs because they are either as sick as the bullies themselves or they fear being targetted. Leave this toxic place!

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