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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied At Work By Maintenance

by Jc
(Mount Prospect, IL)

I'm a person that keeps to herself at work. I'm a pharmacy tech and have been bullied for the 8 months I've been working there. I decided to let my supervisors know and it made matters worse.

They ganged up on me basically saying I made it all up and I'm a trouble maker when one of the maintenance workers was brought in and asked he denied the whole thing also raising his voice being really defensive never actually saying he did not say bad things loudly so I can hear he just kept saying if he had something to say he'd say it to my face.

This bully is a coward and management chose his side saying they didn't believe me I'm just causing trouble not to socialize with anyone and keep to myself. They are not really management but supervisors and I'm not supposed to speak a word to anyone anymore.

They probably don't want management finding out how they handled it by yelling at me and calling me a liar. I just cried stayed silent. No use in getting loud they made up their mind from the start. They made it seem like I am replaceable but he's not. They can't find another janitor that's like 20 years old but certified techs are a dime a dozen apparently.

I'll be applying to jobs today it's time to move forward. I refuse to be bullied forever and keep silent they can find another emotional punching bag.

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Don't Leave without taking the lessons with you OR ...
by: Lizzy from NJ

Do not leave one place to go to another without a firm grasp on what transpired in your last place, because ... it will not be any different in your new place; UNLESS 'you were changed' by what happened.

1. Do not feel guilty for just doing your job and not socializing with those at work, You will never be fired for: being polite, doing your job, answering management with yes (sir, m'am or by first name if they say you can or by title: Ms Smith, Mr. Smith however they wish it; if not stated; ask of them.

2. You don't have to go to lunch with any you don't have to chit chat. You were hired to do your job. So; do it. Don't worry what 'you hear' about that or don't bring your own guilt about that to the picture.

3. You are going to find arrogant types, aggressive types, ignorant of Spirit types in every single working environment. The word you want to remember is that 'you' are the adult. So...do not run to 'mama authority' for protection. It's true, we get told by this same authority (when they give sensitivity seminars) If there is any problem with another...don't hesitate to come. (DON'T BELIEVE all words you hear from management; they must hold these seminars because of edicts from those outside the firm) Real management does know what is going on and they also know the rules; some are not to be criticized, fired, or rebuked in any way) You must know the 'system' as it is. It is unfortunate, but that's the way it is in the society of liberal love. (never discipline, never rebuke, never state 'rules of good order...for some did not have such an upbringing and stating what is acceptable to those who don't know is to be 'discriminatory') By the way...we are to be discriminatory ....in objective actions. We are to train in how it is to go; if not the child then the adult. Proverbs: they who do not take instruction in the good way; are ignorant. They learn nothing, they fail to grow in spirit. But ...that's what society is at the present.

4. So; I hope you find a better supportive environment overall, but don't expect all to understand good...no matter how the environment Is. The 'bully type' is one who tries to intimidate or manipulate you to think wrong or do wrong... so they appear the better. Never give any hint of agreeing when some tell you 'how bad it is here' (if it were bad; would they be there? Use common sense) Stay clear of socializing at work. Don't even go to the office holiday party. Be friendly, chip in for office collections when one is having a special event of some type, say good morning generally with a smile, say good evening if you are passing someone when leaving. Go to lunch when they say or ask what time is best for you to go. Whatever gets spoken by a supervisor; you do; without a grumble or complaint. If just another worker or the maintenance guy asks of you to do something, tell them it isn't your normal work duties, you will have check with your supervisor. Then ask: "so and so asked me to do (bla bla) shall I or did you have another idea. (TAKE ON NOTHING that is not your specific job and don't listen to every worker who wants to play management) If supervisor wishes to berate you for asking; 'take it' ...say 'sorry' ...then ask again: so then, it is fine for me to do whatever anyone says? (record question and their answer AT HOME ...date and time and where you had conversation)

5. If there is so much disorder and no protocol of what to to and for whom ...DON'T COMPLAIN. Look again for another job. Just find another job. Don't even give reason in resignation letter except that you were offered a position better suited to your skills. *with that you left on good terms. Don't try to tell management their ways are wrong, don't speak of wrong ways of any. If you 'by His grace' know this is not how it should be, leave 'them' to Him...and you MOVE ON.

We cannot do anything but change our own situation, with the help of God's good grace. (unfortunately, in a liberal love world)

That's what was sown for many years...we reap the discomfort and heart aches for such way of 'human love.'

Mobbed because of my Great ideas and integrity
by: Anonymous

Mr. Anton's response almost brought me to tears.
I am normally the one that can take alot and keep pushing, however, being new to this Family Practice (90 days) in. I'm already at wits end by being mobbed day in and day out... voicing my issues to the physician and his wife (the office manager) and nothing has been done.
Thanks Mr. Anton, im so glad i found this website.

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