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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied At Work By Other Waitresses

by Ayana

I used to work for a small Italian place as a server. I worked with three other girls, two who liked me at first, and one, I’ll call her Sam, who hated me. She’d tell my manager I was playing with apps instead of working (I have a flip phone, is that even possible?) and that I’m rude to the customers. I’m the nicest girl I know, just a little shy. I have never been rude to anyone.

Well, she started spreading lies about me to the other girls. I don’t know what she said, but I knew it was happening because they got cold all of a sudden. Then one Friday night, it was busy as hell and they told me not to take any tables and to just cash people out up front. Which kept me busy.

They were putting tables under my name and I found out later while getting scolded. They said I was ignoring the customers, not cleaning tables, and ringing up food wrong. I lost money that night because waitresses get paid through tips in America. I remember saying that every time it would slow down and I went to get a table or two they would yell at me and tell me to go back up front. But the managers didn’t believe me because 3 other girls were saying something different. They blamed it all on me.

I come in to work on Monday and Sam, with a big smile on her face, says the manager wants to talk to me. I was told “Get out. Nobody wants to work with you.” And later received a text from one of the others girls “that’s what you get for being a dumb bitch.” Called me aloof, and all this other crap. I’ve had trouble keeping jobs ever since.

I’m scared of that happening again. What they did was illegal, they could have stolen money in my name and I would have gotten arrested. Those girls could have put me in prison. I’ll never forget that place as long as I live.

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Mobbed by mean girls
by: Anonymous

These female mobbing stories and my own experiences take me back to the Salem Witch Trials where a group of girls banded together to get the villagers they didn't like burned at the stake by telling sensational lies about them.

Modern mean girl mobs kill reputations, careers, and the financial, mental and physical health of their targets with their lies. The consequences for the targeted can be worse than death. I never could understand how one sick bully can persuade others to join in her campaign to torment an innocent person.

I have gone through similar treatment
by: Medusa

I was a server in the restaurant of a retirement company. The environment was toxic and I feel there were definitely coworkers spreading false information about me because other coworkers who I had been nothing but professional with would gang up on me and be rude. I was forced to quit the job because it got so toxic that I was being mobbed while trying to do my work.
I’m sorry you went through that horrible treatment. If they took your money wrongly, file a lawsuit in small claims court.

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