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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied Bank Teller, What Should I Do?

I work as a bank teller I have been there for over four years I enjoy my job and my customers are great. But, the manager I worked for was very mean she said the only reason the customers are there is because of her no one else. We would have a meeting every morning and during the meetings she would tell people about mistakes I made (she never did this to anyone else).

She explained to all the other women that I was here to work for evey one else. If you need something tell her and she must bring it to you. She would snap her finger at me and then point to the floor of where I was to come stand. She would get mad at me for talking to customers if they did not have a lot of money. (She thinks they are a waste of time.) She would tell me if you can't get them to get a bank product kick them to the curb. I would tell her they are still customers are they are great it does not matter what they have! I got in trouble for that.

I called human resources on her (did not use my name). She picked on the other women but, I was the main target. Those other women protected her, so nothing was done. It took 3 more yrs for them to move her to another office. New manager came in ok at first but she turned out to be one of her buddies. Now this one wants her huge butt kissed daily and the assistant manager is also a buddy. I just had a review telling me that I need to tell them why I can't suceed.

I need another job I have been looking, they now tell me I have no clue what I am doing. Then the very next day what a great job I am doing. I am now throwing up and migraines and nightmares on meds for it all. I know I need to quit but, I need the money and a job. I keep praying they will fire me, I don't what to do. I actually count down how many hours till I have to go back. Even called a lawyer but, no bully laws are in my state.

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get a new job
by: Anonymous

Oh dear no I had a job like that I stook with it for over a year they would yell scream put me down every day but then turn around and be nice. They talked me out of quitting three times, any time I made a mistake I got yelled at and made fun of, or even if I asked a question seeming as they never bothered to train me this was quite often. Anyways the day I went in to quit they fired me so saved me the hassell however it affected me down to the core I started having panic attacks couldnt hold down a new job I was terrified to ask questions or even look at a computer I had lost all self asteem thanks to that place. but a little over a year I am holding down a front desk position and also got offered a job as a bank teller. But I still suffer from panik attacks making any job hard for me. Quit before you get broken down to a point where it will affect you more than you know. best of luck I feel your pain

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