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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied But Held My Dignity

Hello. I started working and for the first several months things were great. Good boss, great work reviews until the person training me started telling me how he felt about two of the managers. How he got injured and no one cared, or how his father was an abusive drunk.

Then things started to get worse a fellow worker is a Mason who approached me to be a possible member. That same week I got an email about me being an ass kissing Mason. I was not yet a member but later became one. It went from me being a child killer to sacrificing and eating them.

This lasted for about seven months, at this time I got two great reviews and two raises and an very positive feeling from our area manager and the highest utilization percentage this location ever had. This individual said we were friends but later he did not want to help me and that I was now on my own.

A new manager for the shop started and he gave me a great review. But this was when he changed his tune, I got less work, less training and then three letters of how I better work harder, quicker and get my jobs done on time. How could I when I wasn't given enough work?

I enjoyed what is known as multi-tasking working on several jobs until each one is given the go ahead after my work needed list was submitted. There was never any idle time and I felt good about coming to work each day. Then I went from cleaning, driving and helping other people on their jobs my utilization went from 96% to 68% the lowest?

Held My Dignity Part 2 - And Very Depressed Now

Seems that of over 75 jobs that I applied for only 4 have replied since Jan 08. My references except my last employer have been good. My new manager at this place had it in for me as well as another worker. I was setup forced out.

Everything in the mobbing part one I dealt with and my head after 6 months is still reeling. On top of this theft, having evidence planted and the fact that they are getting away with it and none of the potential employers will tell me this.

A foreman asked to let him know if anything was missing. I gave him a list, now he's history as well as another mechanic and possibly the head of human resources????

Comments for Bullied But Held My Dignity

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BS Continues
by: Anonymous

After this company I have applied for almost 70 jobs but nothing came my way, even though I was told by my lawyer that I would get a letter of recommendation upon signing a letter of release. 5 months later still have not seen it. I am beginning to think they can do anything they want and get away with it. Even getting some tools back that were taking before I picked up my tool chest.

My recent thing was applying for a job about 30 kms from home. This company has a contract with with the potential employer. The questions were about a previous boss then my initial job was half of what I applied for, after being told on the phone that I was extremely qualified. Was this a setup?

Disreputable Companies Use Bullying to Create Justification for Termination
by: Anton Hout

It sounds like a disfunctional company. Since others are also being fired under these questionable circumstances it seems that they are manufacturing excuses to downsize or change staff. Management will use bullying tactics and will create problems and then blame staff in order to then justify terminating them.

Some companies have used bullying and mobbing to inflict serious psychological injuries resulting in disability. The employee is hounded until it affects their work. Once this happens it is documented and the employee is terminated. The company can claim the termination was due to the decreased productivity.

If possible leave this company off of your resume or if there was someone there that you still trust ask them if you can use their contact information instead.

You can try to find out what kind of reference you are being given by having a friend or family member contact the company posing as a prospective employer. This detective work will at least let you know one way or another if you are being maligned.

Best of luck in finding a reputable employer. They are out there and more companies are beginning to wake up to the real costs of bullying.

Washington, US
by: Sandra

I was sitting in the outer office when my supervisor got a call for a reference for me. She turned around, looked right at me, and gave a glowing reference...until the last sentence. That was all it took! She doesn't want me here anymore, but she wants to try and make sure I can't get another job either.

She's probably kicking herself now, because I'm becoming a pain in the rear. I'm fighting bullying on our campus along with a couple other people. Since one complaint I made was retaliation due to filing a sexual harassment complaint, they can't just get rid of me. It has legal implications. I also developed Graves' Disease because of bullying. That was also brought up in regards to ignoring harassment, which is also illegal.

If you have any kind of legal standing...a disability, if the person is a man and you're a woman or vice versa, etc., then USE IT!!! The bullying started before for me, but I developed a disability because of it.

Kicking herself for sure...

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