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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied By an Executive

by Anon

I've been a team manager for years. I'm confident, enthusiastic and give my best at work. I believe my boss, an executive, targetted me because of their own inadequacy. Shouting at me in the open office one day I filed a formal complaint. The company investigated, informally, and as there were no witnesses and a firm denial from them I was told to get on with it!

For a month, whilst all the staff were invited for a 'chat' I sat at my desk enduring looks of pity or filth from everyone. Some people withdrew their normal friendliness. Then I was called to the office and threatened with disciplinary action by them. Retaliation for my complaint, I'm sure. I lost over 15 pounds in weight, couldn't sleep, would physically shake at the thought of going to work and got signed off with stress.

I've since found out that my predecessor received similar treatment from them. They got away with it before and now due to a lack of recognition and action before me and the fear of taking action against someone 'high up' in such a small business and the implications of this my company have let me, the victim, down. How does that work?

I will always in the future be aware of the awful 'side effects' of bullying for the victim. The exhaustion, distress, nausea, fear and knock in confidence it creates and how alone and helpless you can feel is so detrimental to your well-being.

No job is worth this and your health and belief in yourself are key to being able to function to your best.

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