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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied by Doctor

by Amy

This is bullying in one of big hospitals. An acting manager needs to discipline to an employee who was continuing to breach hospital policy. This staff already had one written warning from the previous manager. Now the manager still has the same issue with this employee as the previous manager. He had consulted with HR and HR staff advised him to have a formal warning for this continuing poor work performance. A meeting was arranged by HR staff and the manager, HR and the employee all will attend. However, this employee asked a Dr. (he is an associated professor) who is favour on this employee to stop this happening. The Dr. immediately went to talk to the acting manager while there were a medical team performing life saving case in the mid way. The manager had to stopped monitoring the patient (potential risk is no one will call out if the patient going to have another cardiac arrest on the procedure)The Dr. was openly questioning the acting manager in front of the whole medical team (other Dr., surgeons and nurses). “Why this employee needs a meeting with HR? What that about?” the acting manager said “I cannot discuss here. It is confidential.” The Dr. continued that “Is it about discipline…I haven’t heard anything…what is that about?” The manager reply with the same as it is confidential information and will not discuss anything with this Dr who was not the head of a whole department and he also is not the immediate respone manager for the manager. Also, he will not openly discuss this in a public area regarding any confidential information.

However, the Dr. was so aggressive and bullying anyone who is trying to put his favour employee down. He was continuing bullied the manager in front of other workers for 20 minutes. This Dr. fully utilised his power to cancel the meeting and stated he is the head of the department, he have right to do this. In fact, he has no right to do so because he is not the head of department.

No one knows how much information the Dr has read about the meeting? It is a confidential information. Now, everyone discusses about it.

Anyway, the meeting was cancelled and will be rescheduled by the Dr. The formal warning was stopped by this Dr.

I guess that the employee is the happiest victor here.

HR did not play the role supposed to be but HR complete withdraw out this whole issue now.

The manager is closed to me. I feel so sorry for his experience. And totally hate the Dr. so rude and he think he is the king!! It is so unfair that the warning was not giving to the employee.

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