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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied By My Upper Management

I have been being bullied by my upper management. They have been trying to cut our staff. But instead of doing it the right way and laying people off they are bullying people into leaving or bulling their people into signing off on bogus write ups and performance programs.

It is so bad people have complained to Human Resources and the department has not filed any of the complaints they have just fired the people a few weeks later. Anyone who may have some information on what to do please respond!

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Bullied by Upper Management
by: Anonymous

Oh dear. That is an awful situation and one that would be very hard to address. My advice is that you need to seek legal advice and it sounds like there are a few of you willing to speak up - if they have already gone to HR.

The problem with HR is that they are paid by management, they won't tackle management head on, so they are not the solution. In New Zealand, you cannot force someone out of their role because that is constructive dismissal and if you have documentation and witnesses then you can win in the Employment Court.

I would try and find if someone knows a lawyer who may offer information for nothing, but clearly you want to seek some action asap. When senior management are in it together though, sometimes it becomes impossible to fight - so the alternative is to leave with dignity and with pride and leave the senior management to lose good staff.

If the ones that they are not firing or making redundant start leaving, they will be in a real mess.

Perhaps a whole group of you need to all get new jobs - sometimes it is easier than fighting.

Linda Guirey - Professional Speaker, facilitator, coach and humor consultant

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