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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied By Nursing Assistant And Nursing Administration

I have been working as a nurse in New York for the past 8 years. For the past 5 years I had been bullied by some of the nursing assistants, one more so than the others. I complained on several occasions to the assistant nurse managers and manager. To my surprise, they were very defensive of the nursing assistants. Each time I complained, they tried to undermine my complaints and accused me of making them up.

These nursing assistant went as far to ignore patients assigned to me. These patients were not given hygiene care and sometimes left lie in their filth for hours. The glucose monitoring were not done on my patients or if they were done or they would not be documented, forcing me to go directly to the nursing assistant and ask for them. I complained unrelentlessly to the nurse manager without any action being taken. Each time I complained, the situation got worse.

I was also subjected to verbal abuse and harassed by the nursing assistants. I was called "ugly" and other derogatory statements made to me. At one point it got physical. I was hit with the lunch cart by one of the nursing assistants. She made it appeared as if it was an accident. However, she later can to me and boasted "that's what you get when you don't move."

I have reported all these incidents to human resources and nursing administration without recoursive action taken. I was told I was jealous of the nursing assistants and the nursing director at that time, went as far as to tell me she is not surprised more people are not hit with the cart. This harassment continued as I said for years. I wrote letters upon letters to HR and nursing administration. I tried to ignore the harassers and put on a brave face.

I stopped complaining, but the harassment continued. I kept ignoring her. When she realized that I was not responding to her harassment, the bully accused me of pushing her. I was called to the nursing director's office regarding the matter. The nursing director was newly appointed and so I informed her that I had issues in the past with this person. I also told her I have made several complaints to human resources about her and basically, this was another attempt at harassment. I then went to human resources and made another harassment complaint. As usual this complaint was also ignored.

To make a long story short, the nurse manager, director of nursing and human resource employee relations decided to have a meeting with me and decide to bully me and accused me of fabricating these complaints. I was very suspicious that they all wanted to have a meeting with me. As, I said I am currently working at this hospital, but have recently been transferred to another unit after the same bully attempted to physically attack me.

This was witnessed by a nurse floating to the unit. She initially thought she was horsing around with me. I informed her that what she saw was not a joke. She became scared and denied what she actually saw. Needless to say, as usual, I was bullied by the nursing director and managers. I wrote a letter to the CEO informing him of the situation. He did not respond instead I received a call the vice president of human resources.

I have since been transfered to another unit and was the bully. All I have to say about the entire situation is, it was a utter nightmare. Had I not been as strong and determined as I was, I would have had a mental breakdown. I continued to pursue my education and knew that one day, this would all come to an end. I am thoroughly disappointed with my co-workers, managers, nursing administration and employee relations. They allowed the individual to harass not only myself, but another employee that they had to transfer to another and at least two other people I am aware of.

Thanks " Y....... E....... "

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Reply to Nurse
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry for your situation and wish you all the best.

Management is not helping you. It seems to me that it is a toxic environment. I would go to the Police and have that bully charged with assault. I would also get a Restraining Order against her. Is your floor on CCTV camera. There may be footage of the assault. If there is tell that to the Police so they can obtain it. The camera doesn't lie and you won't need the floating Nurse to back you up.

I'd get out of that workplace asap. You've tried and are getting no support. The best revenge on these dreadful people is success. Find another job and leave. Your talents are not appreciated and wasted where you are.

There are legal options available to you, but it is expensive. Do you have a Union that could help? Is there a free community legal centre where you could get advice? Consider all your options, but place your help above everything. A new job will give you a fresh start and a chance to unwind from the abuse. Again I am so sorry you're going through this.

Good luck.

Let me know how you get on.

Anonymous from South Australia

Was the Nurse Jealous of You?
by: Anonymous

Your story sounds very credible, like many other cases I've seen so far, including my own. It feels bad when you are up against all the others and your cries go unheard. You were at the last stage in the bully's deliberate scheme to harm you. I'm glad you kept a detailed written paper trail for others to follow. What I didn't see in your story, was a way to get outside intervention from an unbiased person to decide the many instances of all the abuses you had to endure. If an administrative agency designed to handle these complaints had been instituted by the U.S., this would have been decided long ago, until it reached this stage, utilizing all the methods available to you to no avail. You are strong, and have made me think I may still have a chance at being successful in my career, even after getting terminated after 8 years of service to my government.

a cna that will never forget the torment.
by: Anonymous

first of all i cant believe as a nurse you where bullied.... at the same time i can. i started out of training as a cna into my first cna job. I was extremely excited, it was a facility that was 1 mile from my home and a wealthy facility. I figured the rules and regulations would be followed to the 'T'.
i'm that sort of person you know. Kind hearted, understands every situation, relaxed in stressful situations, and most of all communication ( i have 10 or more residents to take care of).
Long story short:) i'm a single mom with 2 boys. The first day i call in, my truck broke down(over-heated) i have no cell phone(2 months into working with this place) i had to go to a strangers house and use there phone. It was 6am and he was creepy. I live in the boonys. i called work and the nurse said how dare you...... (that was the first time)
The next day i went to work, my dad brought me. There was a cna Christine, came into a residents room (cornered me) and said how dare you... get a better car, because you left all us with more work. why don't you have more money(mind you not she has no kids). I told her to get out im working. When she left the resident which is mentally all there said 'what a Bitch" i said well she is just angry with life? resident said you should have punched her one where it counts" i laughed and said well i'll get fired.
Even the residents can see the bullying. i told my supervisor which i didn't know for 2 months because i never got introduced. she didn't care. simple as that. i have a million more stories. i worked there for 5 months and everyday i reported and things got worse. It turned into a groupy bullying . A couple of nurses and like 4 cnas. i think because i did my job, they didn't like it, nor did the managment. Lucky me though the teacher i had taken clinicals with brought her students where i worked and saw i was the only person that would take on her 10 person class. i was awsome. i know i was nervouse when i was training so i did my best. that clinical teacher told the DON how much i'm appreciated and how much more confident i make her students. He asked who is Cassie? (after working with him on the floor for 4 months). i left and went to school bus driving and now have and interview tomarrow with the nursing home the clinical nurse i trained with is at(YES). i have so much more to say what happenend to me- its exuasting. I'm blessed i get another chance. Because my resume said please do not contact them, that was what my clinical teacher said to put. Thank God for good people :)

Record them
by: Anonymous

It is legal in Canada to have a recorder on you, you can record all your conversations all day everyday

Group Bullying at Hospital
by: Anonymous

So I have been working at a hospital for about 3 months now. I remember being so excited to begin. I am currently getting my education and was so excited to be in the career field I enjoyed and am working towards. Everyone started out so nice when I was in training but I quickly became a bad target of incivility and bullying.

It is as if all my co-workers are in on it. Starting with my charge nurse. I am constantly excluded and talked about and given the most difficult assignments. She not only condones this behavior but is the ring leader. I try not to be one of those "why me" people. And I truly do feel people treat you how you allow them to. But I am at a loss here.

I feel at a horrible disadvantage due to this being my 1st job in a medical facility. Plus there have been many changes due to COVID-19. It seems as if every shift there is another plot to get under my skin and it is getting to me. Though I try to go into work with a mindset not to be taken advantage of, not to let them get to me, it seems that most of the time I lose the battle.

I know I am a great worker. I know I do a great job even though I am constantly given the most difficult patients and assignments on the floor. It’s truly sad because I feel working in Healthcare is difficult enough without my co-workers putting more on me. I am a naturally kind person and I try to have a strong mindset and I normally let things roll off like water off a duck's back.

I try to solve problems rationally but this is truly difficult. I knew this type of treatment was a possibility when I entered healthcare but damn. I now have a hard time sleeping when I get home after a shift. What I hate more than anything is that for the first time I feel I am really allowing people to get under my skin. So ashamed.

Don't wanna quit this job as it pays well and I am still learning a lot. Plus I really don’t want to give them the satisfaction. I know they are trying to get me to quit. But how much is worth it?

by: Anonymous

I too am being bullied by adm and those under my supervision. I am caucasian and 95% of the facility is black. I know it will open a "can of worms" but no one is listening to my side of the story and have been written up on hearsay. A complaint has been filed and my next move will be discrimination. I WORK AT A STATE FACILITY.

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