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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied By Senior

I am a 24 year old lady. I being bullied since last 9 months. I am working in a subsidiary organisation. My department is a new and I am the first person who enter this unit. After several month, my boss employ other senior who come from mother company.

Now, I am the youngest person in the department and do not have working experience in fieldwork. Even though I am new, I am very hardworking person, where I spend much time on reading to get the understanding.

Some of senior colleague have certain certificate, master and PHD. Event they are senior and have certain cert, but since our department is something new and never being practice in our country event by other financial institution, this mean that they also do not really know and familiar with the current issues.

Its begin… Some of them love to stold my idea and the event worst is they stold my work and report to the boss and pretent seems like thats belong to them. I cant do anything because she is my team leader.

They also quite rude and not respect me by called me with bad name like "satan" and if there is any current issues, they will not update me since they said they claim that I am not at the same level with them (but we suppose to work in group) because their grade is higher than me (the different is only 1 grade - where I am BG50, she is BG51 and BG52)

I just keep silent since I am a small person and not very good in terms of to express or tell others about my situation. I already tell someone in other unit but that person report to them and the situation become worst.

Every night, I cannot sleep because I cant stop thinking and traumatise with their mouth.

I event do not know how to tell my boss since they love to ingratiating our boss. Some of them love to tell bad thing about me to boss even it is not true. I am not dare to tell my boss the real situation because some of them (my collague) are very dangerous where in front of the boss, she pretend to be kind, but at the same time, she talk and report many bad thing about boss to our CEO. If they dare to do it to the boss, how about me?? A small ant.

Kindly help me

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Bullied by Senior
by: Linda Guirey

Unfortunately you are describing very typical bullying behavior - the sabotage of your work, claiming your successes as their own, ensuring they have a great working relationship with the boss - these are all strategies that bullies use. What is also clear is that bullies select people who are high achievers to target, but people who they know won't confront - and you seem like a high achiever.

My advice to you is think carefully before you act. If you are wanting to raise this as an issue, your job will be hard because these bullies have made themselves look good in the eyes of the boss - so who is he going to believe. The only way you can report this, is to have evidence - witnesses who will speak up, copies of any emails etc. Without this, your other course of action is plan B - leave! It may take you a while to leave, whilst you find something else, or you may feel that your health is deteriorating so that you need to leave quickly. Whatever way, if leaving is your only choice - it is the right one and hold your head up high with dignity for making the right choice.

Whatever you decide, don't let them affect your health. Your life and health is worth so much more than them. Sometimes you can't fight bullying and walking away is a good option.

I wish you well with what you decide - just remember you need evidence to make any claims against these bullies.

Linda Guirey - The MAD Marbles Speaker

by: Kansas Lady

I disagree that we should always leave and walk away to placate yet one more bully. I believe that we have done that far too long in our society and that is why these rotten apples continue. If possible, get some friends to stand up with you and confront the bully. But from my experience, most people are cowards and do not want to stand up for right because they are often hiding something bad and they fear being discovered--in my case in this small town, it is rampant illegal drug use, and retail theft. There has to be a way to teach all children integrity honor and courage. Most are not getting it at home. Only a future generation will truly be able to stop the horrors of bullying.

Bullied by Senior
by: Linda Guirey

I agree with you that confronting the behaviour sounds like the best way to get results, unfortunately in most instances the repercussions are worse than the initial bullying. Some recent statistics that I was reading about Australia (doing a workshop there shortly), was that 53% of those that reported bullying, lost their jobs. The bullying intensified, they were forced out or seen as the trouble maker.

So yes, for those people who are confident, assertive and able to stand up to the abuse, I would say confront the issue. But for most targets, the health effects of bullying are too severe - and I don't believe in allowing others to have a detrimental effect on your health.

It would be great if another generation comes through that can deal with all bullying once and for all - but from my understanding, it has been around for a very long time - it was just called different names.

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