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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied by the CEO Part 1

by Danielle

I had quit my last job as an Assistant Manager at a Fast Food restaurant because of the way they treat their Managers. I pulled an average 60 hours a week forced to come in on my day off with out extra compensation. However, this story is about the job I obtain after quitting and 3 months of unemployment.

I got a job as a Receptionist/Admin Assistant at a Counseling Center for Teens and families. I felt I couldn't have gotten a better job. I am getting ready to start grad school and wasn't sure if I wanted my masters in psychology or education, I just knew I wanted to work with children. This was a perfect opportunity, flexible hours, decent pay, great friendly, family atmosphere, and lots of children. They were even willing to work with my school schedule.

I was even smart enough to ask during the interview how the position came open. The women doing the interview said they had almost double their client base in the last year and needed the extra help and that the other Receptionist / Admin Assistant had been there for 5 years. The opportunity seemed too good to be true; I should have known it was.

Everything started off great, or at least the first three days of training, which was spent going over all of the legal requirements of working in mental health. The last two days of the week were to be dedicated to training our perspective positions.

INCIDENT ONE: One day of one my training, I was alone all day. The other Office Assistant had requested the day off months in advanced and I was left alone to fend for myself. I know how to answer a phone, but have no idea where the files go, any ones extensions or the policies/procedures for anything, as if I was being set up to fail. The next day I was corrected on my actions and "shown" the right way to do things.

INCIDENT TWO: The Monday after the week of training our CEO gave a project to the Part Time Receptionist. She was to retype and make a digital copy of a paper book including the policies and procedures of another Mental Health facility we were adopting as our own. He told her he wanted it done by Friday; the packet was almost 100 pages long. Now if this was all we had to do in the office if wouldn't be a problem, but we had plenty to do to keep us busy all day. So I offered to help. We didn't finish it until about a week and a half after its due date. I was constantly asked "what's taking you so long" "I wanted this done last week" "You have other stuff you should be doing". At this point I still haven't even trained on what it is I should be doing, just guessing.

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