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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied by the CEO Part 2

by Danielle

INCIDENT THREE: The next project I was given by the CEO was to create a spreadsheet of the office budget and to not let anyone know I was working on it. The budget was for the office I worked in and his second location. We have a part-time account that does all of the balancing and budgeting so I didn’t understand why he wanted me to do it, I did it anyways. He told me he didn’t need all of the same expenses in the second office because it wasn’t as big and to take out what wasn’t necessary. I have only worked for this company for 3 weeks; I do not know what he needs to run his business. So I make the exact same spreadsheet for his new location and showed the account how to update it. I was later reprimanded for not doing my job correctly and not doing what I was asked. That he asked me to do it, take out the unnecessary items, and to not tell anyone what I was working on.

INCIDENT FOUR: I have a tongue ring; it is to keep me from chewing on pens, which is a horrible habit I have. I understand that some people do not consider this professional, I respect this and oblige by the rules, however, I asked after my interview if this would be a problem and was told no. The CEO noticed my tongue ring after a week of working there and instead of asking what it was he forced me to stick out my tongue and walked away. The next day our QA/QI person (the one that interviewed me) told me I wasn’t allowed to wear it anymore. The next few weeks after that I forgot to take it out a few times, I try my hardest to do so, but it happens I’ve had it for years. I usually remembered when I caught myself chewing on it and would then take it out. Unfortunately, twice our CEO caught it me and both times he reacted the same was, forced me to stick out my tongue and would say “I told you not to wear that”. He never told me not to, he had the QA/QI person do so and all he had to do was say “Don’t forget to take out your jewelry” Instead he choose to humiliate me and I broke down to tears. I let him know I didn’t feel respected, trusted and was treated like a child.

INCIDENT FIVE: The next project I was given was given as a punishment because I didn’t so a different task he asked for. The Wednesday before he had asked me to start emptying out the fridge on Mondays so that we didn’t have anything go bad. I asked when we were starting this. He said wait till he sends out an email for everyone. I asked if it was ok it I put a notice on the fridge too so everyone knows, he said yes. The next Monday I hadn’t emptied the fridge because he hadn’t sent out the email about the fridge and told me we would start all the new policies at the same time. Since I didn’t empty the fridge like I was supposed to I was told I had to create a check list of the duties I did when I opened and closed. That this was my “punishment,” and yes he used that exact word.

Mind you, I have been here four weeks and still have not been trained, so I’ve been guessing and corrected as I go along. He wanted me to make a check list in case anyone else had to open if I was out sick. I thought ok makes sense, so I did this. When I finished he told me I hadn’t done it correctly, I told him I didn’t understand. He wanted me to create a separate checklist for closing at 5 and closing at 8, I have never closed at 8 and didn’t think there was a difference, I later found out there isn’t. I told him I didn’t understand again, that I don’t close at 8 so I don’t know what the difference is. I said “I have only been here for 4 weeks, I was never trained and this is what I do and if there is more tell me because I don’t know or understand.” He ended up doing most of it with me there, and asked me to finish it. I copied and pasted the closing directions from 5 to 8 because I still didn’t know the difference, even asked one of the other girls if there was one and she said no.

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