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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied by the CEO Part 3

by Danielle

INCIDENT SIX: Sexual harassment is a sensitive subject and should be handled as such. During our training we briefly touched on it, but were never told how to address it or who we were to talk to. This is a mental health facility, people are not always in control of themselves, and handling violence and sexual harassment correctly is vital, especially since we work with children, there are laws we have to abide by. After about 5 or 6 weeks of working there the CEO decided he needs to talk to me about sexual harassment. Instead of both 1) talking to me privately or 2) holding a seminar for all of the new staff, he talks to me in the receptionist office as other people are walking in and out and the admin assistant is sitting next to me. Again words I will never forget, he told me, “I know we didn’t really talk about Sexual Harassment, but I want you to know that you can come tell me if it happens, because it is going to happen and I need you to tell me when it does.” I have never felt so cornered and uncomfortable in my life or at least I thought. That is not how to you talk to a female employee, basically telling them they are going to be sexual harassed.

INCIDENT SEVEN: Another project I was given. Every month the company has a monthly staff meeting, talk about profits, client increase, etc. I was told for this monthly meeting that I needed to talk to everyone about the new policies and procedures. I thought awesome, I’m great a public speaking, I prepared all of my materials for my presentation and was ready to go that morning. About 30 minutes before the staff meeting our QA/QI person asked me if I had the states for the month ready. I asked what stats, she said number of new client’s intakes, DA, therapy, IIH, etc. I said “No, I had no clue I needed that.” I was then informed that it’s the receptionist duty to prepare this information and present it for ever staff meeting. Thankfully I am VERY organized and OCD and had been keep a log clients for the month, new verses old and their services, otherwise I was intentionally set up to fail in front of my co-workers.

INCIDENT EIGHT: This is the incident that made me start looking for a new job. After about 5 weeks, the CEO was looking around the receptionist office and mentioned that we should move all of the old files and create new binders for the New Year. The location I was working at was a new location and they did not have the shelving space or any type of organization set up yet for the old files. We had also just placed a new order for folders and binders so I didn’t have a place to put the new files. The next day he had come in right before closing and found that we hadn’t moved the files yet. He sighed grabbed all of the binders and said “I told you to moved theses yesterday”. He proceeded to move all of them into the cluttered storage space. I replied “I’m sorry we don’t have any binders for them and you didn’t tell us when you wanted it done by”. The response I received from this I will never forget, he said “Everything I say needs to be done immediately” When I left that Friday, I immediately started looking for a new job.

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