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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied By Unnecessary Procedures


I work in a very a large organization. Over the past five years a huge number a new work procedures have been introduced, most of which have been poorly conceived and actually add no real value to the work we do. Most of them are completely meaningless.

We are now being collectively bullied by measurement of our performance against those procedures. We are being blamed and severely bullied by the organization if we do not come up to the mark: no payrises, no promotions, no bonuses, no nothing. Our immediate line managers have now all been trained to treat the new rules as a religion, gospel.

Five years ago and before I used to have glowing annual performance reports. Not any more. This past five years have been a nightmare. I would move to another job if I wasn't past that age where potential employers refuse to look at you, no matter how good you are. I am stuck with my present job until I retire.

As part of the "new" procedures, every week my boss has to write a report on a job which I have done for a customer. I always get "bad" scores. Some of his statements about my work are, quite frankly, libellous. His assessments are wholly unfair; the scoring system is utterly meaningless. He nitpicks everything. I feel I am working in Purgatory, with no room in Heaven. It is so demoralizing this new process. Actually my customers are generally happy with what I do and say to them. These reports get filed.

The consequence of the new procedures is I cannot build up a proper, good and trusting relationship with my boss: there's no mutual respect. He believes in the new religion and I don't.

If I didn't have a mortgage to pay, and pension to save for, and a marriage to save I would have left this organization a long, long time ago. Actually I feel they want rid of us as we in the old economies cost the firm a lot more than the cheap labour in the new economies.

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Re; bullied by uneccessary procedures...
by: Anonymous

Sadly it seems a lot of companies are going this way nowadays.
My partner used to love his job, but over the years they gradually got rid of all the perks. Rules were being tightened up bit by bit, and the boss who my partner got on so well with was eventually sidelined and then kicked out of his job for being too 'nice.' He always sided with his workers against the Management.
After him a new boss was taken on and he was the complete opposite to the old one. He was much more of a 'yes' man to his superiors, and incredibly difficult to get on with. Yet remarkably, my partner is still working there under the nose of this very irritating individual. He has been thinking of leaving, and I suggested that is a good thing, as he can afford to do so now.
You could try looking for something else, although I know that is easier said than done nowadays, but it might be a good move to make. Best to find something else that suits you, before walking out the door. Or you might consider self-employment. What things are you good at? There must be some skills you have that may generate an income for you.
Or if you are near retirement age, it might be worth just biting the bullet and hanging in there for just a little longer.
Anyway, I wish you all the luck and if the place is really getting you down, well, your health is more important than a job in a hell-hole.

To: Bullied By Unnecessary Procedures
by: LB

Policies and procedures are arbitrary methods of reward and punishment, nothing more, their sole purpose is for control. They weed out the malcontents.

God forbid a member of the "organization" might actually think...by the way, they do not want you to think, because then they will be discovered for what they really are.

Don't delude yourself, it is quite obvious, that you and other's like you, represent a threat to the status quo, and that they will not tolerate.

If one has half a brain and is not a clone, then they are doomed, and it sounds like you have more than half.

After fours years of abuse, I resigned right at the beginning of the current economic "recession", personally, I would call it a depression, but then that would be calling it what it really is, and as long as we keep telling ourselves that it is a recession, then all will be fine...

Resignation was my only option, albeit an expensive one, but being abused at ones place of work is not worth a paycheck with all of the strings attached.

Bullying is a horrible, traumatizing experience, and no one deserves to be abused.

Inadeqaute Laws
by: Anonymous

Do you think there are inadequate laws to protect you form this kind of bullying?

If the case was one of libel or slander you would have far more rights in law to sue.

Why do workers have such few rights in law?

In the past revolutions have been caused for far less invasions of one's rights.

What has happened to the rights of workers?

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