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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied Grandson Threatens the Bully!

My 10 year old grandson was being picked on and even hit by bullies in his school. Seems like the school would do nothing about it. Finally having enough of it he told one of the bullies, who happens to be a girl, that he was going to kill her if she didn't stop! Well the girl told the mother who called the school who got the police involved because of an idle threat! The police investigated but didn't seem to find it to be more than what it was. A frustrating comment made in the fit of anger. The police, even though they say that they still want to interview my grandson. I say they have no right to force an interview! Am I correct that they can't make him answer any questions?


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by: BW

Seems that the mother of the girl bully has plenty of time on her hands. She drops the daughter off in the morning and returns at lunch time just to sit and watch my grandson! Isn't this a type of "Bullying"? Isn't it a type of "Stalking"? Isn't it "Harassment"? It certainly is "Intimidation" and seems to be illegal to me! My grandson is very nervous because of her just staring at him! I believe I know why the school will do nothing and the police seem to think my grandson is a "Terrorist" of sorts. The girls father owns an electrical shop in the town who does work for security firms and "schools"..hmmm... The grandfather of the bully is a prominent "Lawyer" in the town too!

Re; Right to silence...
by: Sarah

I wouldn't answer any questions at all unless there is a solicitor present, and even then they can try to twist you in knots.

Personally I would stay silent, or deny that I ever said it.

It seems sometimes as if the authorities just want to punish the victims simply for being victims. This society sides with bullies and bullying and the law seems weighted in favour of the wrongdoer.

Again my advice would be, say nothing, and ask for a solicitor/lawyer.

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