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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied Nephew

by John

My nephew is age 13 and he has been continually bullied since starting high school at age 11. At first it was the usual name calling and pushing and shoving him about. He is a nice enough boy but very quiet, not very good socially and rather sensitive. It is obvious that he has been singled out as someone who won't stand up for themselves.

Recently my sister told me that he came home with ripped clothes and had been spat on. Apparently he was targetted by the bullies on the bus who began grabbing his uniform trying to rip it. This attack continued when he got off the bus with about 6 boys tearing his clothes before running off and leaving my nephew in tears.

The school say that this happened outside of school so is not their responsibility. My sister said to the school that my nephew has also claimed to have had his pants pulled down at school several times but they state they are not aware of any such incidents.

I have told her to change schools asap, it seems the best option.

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Comments for Bullied Nephew

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Bullied nephew
by: Aura

It makes me so mad that schools won't admit responsiblity for what their students do outside of school. Home schooling has your sister considered this. In New Zealand our police run anti bulliying programs in our schools. do your police run programs like this.
Also putting him into self defense classes to build up his self esteem.
I keep inclose contact with my grandsons teacher to make sure that my grandson is being kepted safe in class and in the school ground.
I personally would involve the police if he was being attacked by his peers outside of school. My grandson does boxing and his self esteem has grown ten folds. boxing has physically made him fit and has built up his physic. He loves it, it has changed his outlook on life and helped him see his bullies for what they are cowards, sad individuals. good luck to you, your nephew and his mum.

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School responsibility
by: Paul Drakeford

Yes I would agree. If the school denies any responsibility, then it becomes a matter for the police. And the longer the school denies responsibility, the more severe the bullying is likely to become. I wonder whether teacher training programmes nowadays include anything about dealing with school bullying. There was certainly nothing said about that when I went to teachers college.

by: John

Thank you for the comments, they are helpful. I do think self defence classes will help with his confidence. The police haven't been involved yet as this may inflame the situation. So far it hasn't been violent, more a case of humiliating him.
I thinking ripping his uniform is a modern way of saying we don't want you at this school. Rather than buying new clothes he will be going to a new school. Hopefully the situation will be better.

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