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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied Out Of Job As Administrator With A Very Large Well Known PLC

by Gertty
(West Yorkshire)

I started work a few months ago with a very large well known PLC. On paper the company claimed to be a fantastic employer and had won awards for its investing in people and care of employees.

The first few months were fine and I thought how lucky I was to bag such a good job with such a well known company.

I did struggle with the new processes I was using and the work load was intense, but that's what I love to be stretched and to learn new skills.

One day I went into work and greeted my manager as normal with a cheerful morning only to be ignored completely, really ignored, I couldn't believe it. This spread like wild fire and every person I spoke to treated me with cold and distant treatment. I have never experienced anything like this in my 40 years of working life, it was awful, but I am not a quitter so I battled on and got on with my work in the worst atmospheres I have ever had to endure.

A few weeks later I agreed to do a Saturday as the work load was really getting too much for just 5 days, I had worked other weekends before and really had no objection to doing so. After working just 1 hour my manager told me to go home, bearing in mind it was a 3/4 hour drive in. I was livid, but held my cool and left. The following Monday was my last day before my holiday and whilst leaving the office to wash my cup up I realised I had forgotten my key fob so I doubled back and as I approached the door I heard a terrible conversation which was a catalogue of lies coming from my manager to another member of staff.

I went home and emailed HR, my Manager and her Manager requesting a meeting. No one replied so I requested it again and eventually my manager replied confirming a meeting was arranged with just her—the perpetrator of the bullying and slander.

I had the meeting, at which she was shocked at my discovery of her conversation, she realised she had been caught out and I had found out she was turning everyone against me, she apologised and cried as I think she realised the implications of her actions. She asked if we could draw a line and start again and I stupidly agreed.

It all got miraculously better with my working relationship with her, but the dye was cast with quite a few other colleagues as they were never privy to the fact she had been lying to them purely to discredit me. I became invisible and was made to feel very inadequate. She even used to laugh and say no one took me seriously and only performed when she got involved.

Then I started getting the comments relating to my age, how the job was making me ill, I didn't feel ill but suddenly I was aware of my age which up to then was never a problem to me. I kept looking in the mirror thinking am I too old for all this?? To say my confidence nose dived would be an understatement, I jump out of my skin at loud noises, I have chest pains and can't sleep, I know I'm not too old and I know I have plenty to give but then self doubt comes in and I just don't know why I am letting her make me feel like this.

I handed in my notice as I knew this constant chipping away would never stop.

The girls in my office didn't want me to go and I found out lots of lies had been told about me.

Why did she do this I do not know, I wish I did, she has ruined my life for now but I will get over it because I'm a strong woman really, I am not that twittering silly nervous wreck she turned me into.

My new job is fine, it doesn't pay nearly as well, I won't be able to trust anyone there just yet which is a shame as they seem lovely.

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