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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied Out of Sales Jobs

by LM
(Ohio, USA)

I have been working in two different stores here, and I can't believe how bad the issue is. I have been called names, on the sales floor by others, taunted, then when I leave and give my notice and go to another place, the same thing happens.

It never used to be this bad, although there had been gossip, but never anything this unprofessional. Now I am not working, and I don't intend to work in the current city we are in. I believe some of it was caused by my ability to be successful in sales, and others don't like it, so they bully you out of the store, and or other stores.

I went to HR both times, and they tried to stop it, but it wouldn't stop. Horrible nightmare, wouldn't ever want to experience this again.

I also was stalked by some of these people which is totally against the law, I finally have a picture phone, and if it happens again, I will take their picture, and file a police report.

I haven't ever had this happen to me to this extreme, this has just been going on in the last 3-4 years. I would also advise anyone else that is going through the same thing, documentation is very important, and going to HR may or may not help. If you can talk to a pastor or a counselor that would also be advisable, but don't talk to any other person at that particular workplace because it would only make matters worse.

I have thought about suing both companies for creating a hostile work environment, but you have to have the right people on your side to take this to the legal authorities.

Anyways, that's what happened to me. My husband has a great job, thank God, otherwise I would be hurting.

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That's Exactly What I Am Going Thru Right Now
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, HR does not help. They are there to alert the manager of anything going wrong on their teams. And yes it is the incompetent peers that are the problem as well.

I have one guy who is 40 years old - who complains that I do not speak to him. He's right, I avoid him like the plague because he has called me fatass, made racial slurs, and spreads falsehoods about me. This guy gets 5 sales per month. I get 84 sales monthly. Yet, the manager (who is the same background and religion as the jerk) defends the imbecile and holds me responsible for his progress. When I stand up to the manager and advise her that I am not responsible for his learning and development - she accuses me of not being a team player. Simply disgusting. I am currently designing my exit plan.

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