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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullied To Work An Extra Hour A Day

by Samantha
(Albany, NY, USA)

I work at a school, and recently was brought into administrator's office and told that after 19 years of working at hours I was hired for, that now I would have to extend my day by one hour. I am unable to work this extra hour due to other business obligations, however, I was bullied and told that I better go home and get my priorities straight in order to work this extra hour.

I was also called a "pain" by one of the administrators. I have never been in trouble at work a day in my life, this is all very new to me. I feel I am being penalized by not being able to work this additional hour per day.

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Reply Bullied to Work Extra Hour Per Day
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear about your distress and I feel for you. There is no need for name calling or belittling.
It seems important to your employer that you work the extra 60 minutes. Is it possible to start 30 minutes earlier and stay 30 minutes later, or to cut lunch time by 15 minutes - combination of early start, lunch time by 15 minutes and then stay 15 minutes later at the end of the day?
Explain to your employer that you offer this solution to the problem. If it is not acceptable to your employer, then you might just have to find a new job. Victimisation causes great pain and suffering to the person on the receiving end and may lead to illness.
Employment duties and times do change and where possible we should accommodate those changes, but it may be that now there job fit for you is no longer there. If that is the case, maybe it is time to move on.
If you want to stay in the job, then some 'meeting in the middle' will be necessary. But certainly you should not be abused.
If you are getting ill, go to the Doctor and tell him or her what's happening, so that appropriate support can be given.
Also by seeking help there will be objective independent evidence of the workplace bullying, should further action - union, legal etc - is needed.
All the best,

Re:Bullied To Work An Extra Hour...
by: Anon

You mention "other business obligations". Often times an employer who knows that an employee has other "extracurricluar" activities so to speak, (outside work interests) may feel insecure as to what the employee may decide to do in the future.

Also if they know that this mandatory hr a day will prevent you from doing said "other business obligation". It may be to force you to make a decision...employers like to be in total control and don't like when they are not the center of your being.

RE: Bullied to work extra hour
by: Anonymous

Take notice that you are being called a "pain" by the administrator. It's possible a coworker has been in their offices constantly complaining that you have outside obligations causing you to not do your job. The complainer is the real "pain" interrupting the administrator​ to lodge petty complaints they have to respond to. Do not share your reprimand with any coworker. Don't tell anyone, besides administration that you can't work the extra hour or want to negotiate an alternative. Think about who you gave information to, and see if the same persons are coming around to find out what administrators​ said to you. Give wrong information to nosy people. You could say you heard something about a plan to cut people's hours and give the more experienced/proven workers a longer work day, but it's all sort of secret right now. The complainer will not be able to resist going in to complain about hours being reduced...

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