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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullies Try To Humiliate And Intimidate Worker In New Position

by Angel

Recently having endured sexual discrimination and sexist remarks from previous male management, and despite my assertiveness which then led to further communication breakdown and a clinical incident. I decided to record the details of events and the time as form of evidence and forwarded this to my line manager.

I did further training in Melbourne on work place bullying as a mental health nurse. I studied pathological behaviours in the work place and found this very useful in terms of developing open communication and recognising sabotaging behaviours of other individuals and 'killer phrases' which often used to put others down and manipulate.

I was offered a placement in the community to which I found the job highly rewarding and I loved the freedom from micromanagement and the ability to work autonomously (So I thought)… until I met a fellow colleague who claims to be more senior and have 12 years of mental health experience, ask me 20-open ended questions about my experiences about my past job and position. (She closed the board room door and decided to drill me and preach god.) Some time after the discussion this colleague started to revert to nonverbal intimidating behaviour and started to challenge me incessantly in meetings trying to humiliate me in front of others based on my lack of knowledge and experience of the new position. (Treated as if I ought to know everything about their procedures and my newfound responsibilities.)

As time went on I then became labelled as a 'borderline personality' and often a few other colleagues would make references to it and use it to cut me off from any discussion.

The dynamic then spread to not one but two other colleagues who then retaliated by being emotionally over reactive and aggressive. It is unclear as to why they choose to behave like this in order to get their point across. The whole time I started this new position I felt like I was dictated upon and not treated as a team member.

My efforts to try and resolve this scenario is deemed very difficult as I am dealing with a trio of bullies that like to finish off each others sentences and run the show of all meetings and interrupt you during your part in discussion. I am having problems getting the line manager involved and have witnessed her being targeted and says nothing.

The main supervisor/TL has taken 2 weeks of leave without notice and we are now are just waiting for the director of nursing to get involved. For the time being I have taken 3-4 days of sick leave just to try and recover from this destructive episode/s.

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Humiliating and Intimidation
by: Anonymous

Wow, that is serious abuse. I am assuming by your post that you are still in the mental health sector - and if so, then I am really stunned with the fact that they overtly use this behaviour and label you 'borderline personality'. They, of all people, should know how damaging labels are - especially when they are used to intimidate and humiliate.

I get the sense you might have been a threat to them, since you clearly have a mental health background and experience. That is why you were interrogated - to ascertain whether you were a threat or not. The problem is, if no one in the organisation (within the management team) are prepared to get involved, then you run the risk of this behaviour continuing and escalating, until they get you out.

If the management team are prepared to get involved, then the best thing for you to do is to provide evidence of the behaviour - copies of emails, witnesses to abusive attacks etc.

You are doing the right thing by taking some time off - don't give these people the opportunity of damaging your health.

There is always power in numbers, so having several of them to contend with makes things difficult. I hope there is a course of action and consequence, but if not - I would look for a job where your health is not compromised.

Linda Guirey

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