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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bulllied At A Consulting Office

I am a 40 years man who had been bullied throughout school and university and now bullied at the workplace. I work secretarial and administrative work in a consulting office. Engineers in the 20's (boys and girls) used to make fun of me and laugh at me saying things like "you sweety secretary". Later I was subject to being hit by one of them. He hol my shirts, pushed me and kicked me. My Mother and Big sister came who use to pick me after work then came and talked to the manager who didn't believe much. I'm now staying and working from home helping my sister which I found better.

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I'm glad you are safe now
by: Trinity

I am so sorry to hear of your experiences. Bullies are creeps, the school yard bullies turn out to be executive bullies. The cycle never stops. It's great that you have found safety with working from home. I'm never going to be able to enter the workforce again because I was treated like you. At the moment I'm still too sick to think of doing anything else for a living, I think it takes some time to get over psychological violence. I hope that you get out and about with friends and have interests outside the home. I hope to do that when I feel a bit better.

by: John

Sir. It sounds as if the perpetrators were making fun of you being male, and also doing an admin. or secretarial job. Many men work in offices, so their attitude sounds completely infantile and unenlightened. You have to think of some strategy to verbally assert yourself, it will make you feel better in the long run. Regards, John.

Re, Bullied at consulting office..
by: Sarah...

These people are just so ignorant and uneducated. If they could just get their reptilian brains to read a basic history book for a few minutes, they would discover that men used to be secretaries long before women were allowed (quite rightly) into the secretarial occupations.
Secretarial work for men was once a proud profession, and there is no reason to suppose it to be otherwise in our more 'enlightened' day and age.
I don't understand how these cerebrally challenged individuals -the bullies that is - manage to get jobs at all really.
Keep your head up high and be proud of your profession. Don't listen to the backward ramblings of uneducated morons.

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