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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bully Me But Not Everybody Else

So I'm a leadman at an airport and I've been having problems with an old guy. The first incident happened when I was throwing bags on the belt and he came to me and asked me about work policy. I explained. A few minutes after I tossed all the bags he started getting an attitude towards me and told me I'm a bad leader and nobody respects me.

I said ok. Now, after that it was a little weird. Then things cooled down.

Now here comes the second incident. I was sitting on are pushback he asked me another question work related about a co-worker of ours. I explained again. He then turns away, then starts screaming at me about how I'm going to make him quit and how I'm a bad lead and this and that. So I got up and walked away.

Now it's completely no communication. One day he took a picture of me working and sent it to my regional. I got written up the next day.

So tell me is he going after my job or is he trying to fire me.

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by: Anonymous

Take pictures of him while he's watching so he'll think he's being reported.

Is he trying to get you fired
by: Anonymous

This is my guess about this "Old Guy" who is bullying you. First of all, he doesn't care if you get fired or not. He made you suffer and get written up, so he will be happy. The reason he did it is because you are not paying enough attention to him and not letting him control you. He would like to talk to you about the rules and about other employees, so he can get you to discipline others in the workplace. He would like to see you discipline others, or at least see them complaining about how you disciplined them. Then he will go to them and say you are really a rotten leader and then he will tell you that everyone agrees you are not a good leader. This kind of person will destroy your workplace. You can't do anything that looks like retaliation because he will say it's because he told on you for doing the wrong thing at work. You should see if he can work under someone else.

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