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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bully Packs Engage In Mobbing, Sexual Harassment And Psychological Terror

I have spent the last year recovering from the worst employment experience of my life. The first issue was that I could not put a client through to any manager as per his request because no management was there. The client shouted and swore at me then logged a complaint that accused me of belligerence. When my Manager and Director turned up they berated me for the situation and told everyone that I had lost a major client. They are now alleging that the client was never lost at all.

Then I was sexually harassed by my female supervisor who I had to sit next to every day. She directed her harassment through third parties, including and in front of senior management. Whenever I raised a complaint, I was told that nothing would be done and my Manager put notes in my HR file without my knowledge stating that I wanted no complaints investigated or dealt with.

When I told the female supervisor I was not interested, she inverted the whole culture and turned everybody against me - it was a lynch mob whereby I was subjected to psychological terror.

I was told I was on the bonus scheme but the documentation made clear I would receive no bonus. I was told by my Manager that I would receive a university reference but was not given one. I was repeatedly set up to fail. The HR woman tore up part of my contract in my face and threw it in the bin and unilaterally changed the first page of the contract to my objection.

My employer rebuilt the whole office to execute a series of desk moves centred around me. I said I did not want a girlfriend only for a woman in the other office to have been caused to make an advance by those in my office who thought it funny that we both got upset. I was isolated by a sequence of phone calls by somebody in the other office. I was called a slut, falsely accused of having received a police warning and other distasteful matters, all of it done behind my back.

They eventually took my dignity and destroyed my professional reputation by suspending me for raising complaints. I am suing them now but their lawyer is mean and nasty and very expensive and is being instructed by my former employer to repeatedly invert any allegation I make to create dispute.

I know who the main bully is now - it is the Director who was responsible for there being nobody present when the client called right at the start - I think he may have got the client back now that he has gotten rid of me. I was an el magico before I joined that company and now I am treading water, which is an improvement on before, when I was all but dead.

Inverting and projecting the blame onto others is what bullies do and what was done to me, mostly by women - if that is what makes them happy, I am glad I no longer work there. They are just mean, nasty, spiteful and inadequate people who are big and brave in their packs and when they have all the power, money and lawyers but what would they be without all that - nothing - their existence is a sham.

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Good Luck
by: Trinity

That is wonderful that you are taking legal proceedings. I am waiting for a report by the employers insurance company (Australia Workcover) before I would be allowed to do that. But my injuries from workplace bullying (PTSD) are so severe that I may not be able to take it to court. Not even 375 mg's Effexor and 100 mg's Seriqual per day can stop the terrors. A waste of many years of university study, a waste of a life.

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