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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bully Says, "Any Monkey Can Do What You Do"

by Kelli

This week is a year I left a govt company for another with a longer contract for job security purposes. Before accepting the position I was warned of the individual I'd be working with. My response was "I can get along with anybody". Well, this individual has demeaned me, placed ridiculous rules on work, and as of three weeks ago said "any monkey can do what you do". I have 42 pages of comments I have endured since coming here a year ago.

After the monkey comment I asked HR for help. Well, they did nothing and told me I have to deal with people like that at times, that it is a job. I have an appt. with the Bus Ops director over HR next week, and will take it high as need be. All I have asked was to be moved from the small area we sit in together. Now I get silent treatment while she is openly nice to EVERYONE around. My Manger says I shouldn't let it bother me since I don't want her to talk to me anyway...?

Well, gotta go... what do you do with a total witch?

Note from Anton: Dealing with workplace bullies can be full of pitfalls. For more info see What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs To Know

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Take heed the warnings about difficult employees
by: no poopie allowed

This is for all of you out there who think you can get along with anybody.

Pay attention when interviewing for a job and they ask you if you are "good at dealing with difficult people", "can you manage difficult employees", or "can you deal with a difficult supervisor".

The real message is that this company does not address the issues with difficult people. They do not terminate them. Rather, this company accommodates difficult employees by trying to hire people who can "deal with" the difficult person. "Dealing with" a difficult person almost always means taking the abuse and sucking it up.

No job is worth taking abuse from a known bully. The bully that is recognized and accommodated for by the employer is the worst kind. They know they have cart-blanche to run over and abuse their work-mates.

When you hear the above telegraphed warnings by the potential employer, run don't walk. If you REALLY REALLY need the job, then you will be particularly vulnerable because the bully will quickly recognize that you are trapped and will target you as a especially desirable victim.

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