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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying a Fresh Grad

I read all the stories posted and I see there's hope to ending bullying at work. I'm a fresh grad already working at this company for more than a year now and was assigned to a boss that was known for having a really high staff turnover.

I was handling a category alone in a retail company without team-mates. The job is already so stressful and my boss makes it worse. Why? Given the fact that I do all the job of a 3-man team, my boss tells me I'm stupid, schoolish and weak. She even makes it a point that during divisional meetings, I will be reprimanded in front of everyone. I'm compared to people with experience and I'm usually getting bypassed. Bypassed in a way that I'm the only one who can't be informed and if I don't know it, it eventually be my fault. I just felt incompetent.

My relationship with my family, friends and boyfriend was severely affected. I cry everyday and couldn't even eat at work since I need to work every minute of my shift just for me to not work overtime. My work has been called mediocre, crap and all sorts and have everything not approved. Making me have to work over and over again.

I'm exhausted and stressed out. I couldn't sleep every night.

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Inside the bully
by: Paul of Q

It should be understood that all bullies suffer an inferiority complex. They are jealous of their victims. The fact of being bullied is in fact an announcement - "Wow! You're much better than I am, and I'm out to get my revenge."
The kindest reaction to being bullied is to refer the bully to a psychiatrist.

Fresh Grad Bullied
by: Anonymous

I commiserate with you. I have experienced a form of bullying on the job in my past from other women.

And recently, my second-hand experience comes from the way my daughter was bullied by a boss over her at a retirement community setting. My daughter was the dietary manager. My daughter had severe health problems, (no insurance). She has MS and has been taking chemotherapy the last year and a half. Her boss wanted her gone. My daughter did a very good job there working full-time and was well liked by all the residents. But she still wound up being fired. And because she was fired she could not collect unemployment.

The consequences of bullying can greatly affect your health! I zeroed in on that part of your share where you are being affected mentally and emotionally.

I wonder if you could start looking for work using another "reference" besides your current place of employment. I understand you are being mistreated, but is it worth it to stay there.

My daughter tried to stay as long as possible because it is hard to find work sometimes. But she did end up finding work right away when many of the people (food vendors and other corporate people found out the way she was being treated).

I just urge you to tie a knot in your rope (and not around your own neck), and hang on, but start looking at other options. This is why there is a high turnover in this woman's department. She is a classic TOXIC personality and thrives on feasting on the minor flaws of her employees, which she manages to turn into "their insecurities." And I do understand she is making mountains where you have not even created a small molehill. Again, this is her, not about you. She is sick and will make you sick too. Make a plan to do something better because you deserve it.

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