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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying At School

by Michielle

My daughter has been asking to move school for the past few months, asking her the reason why her response has always been passive and a case of "I don't like the school".

I was awakened a few nights ago to hear my 14 year old daughter crying, at first she wont tell me why… so I let her cry whilst I sat next to her. I made her tea and slowly asked her if she was having any issues… is it about boys? are you mad at mummy, is it about your homework… each time she replied no. I told her how important she is to me, and that she can tell me anything even though if it is something that she thinks she will be in trouble of. She finally told me why she want to move school.

For the past year, a group of girls have been constantly calling her names, but they are her so-called 'friends' some would join for the ride only because they all fear these girls. My daughter also enlightened me on why her pocket money doesn't last... because she gives it to them for fear of not being liked, being called names, or for getting beaten up. Name calling went further for a joke she was slapped across the face and everyone laughed!! When I heard this I saw red, and asked where this happened and her reply angered me more. She was slapped across the face in a class room where no teacher turned up!! Is this what I'm paying my taxes for!

On her way home she would take the bus, and would be told to move of her seat otherwise she will get beaten up...

I have tried to call the school but they have not returned my request to speak to the head of year!

Reflecting on the past few months my daughter have been quiter.. straight to her room after school.. she binge eat on the night.. would come home really hungry.. she hardly goes out with her friends!! all these signs and I put it as 'teenage phase'

I now want to move her out of the school she goes too, but I can't do anything until the school will respond to my request for an appointment. I am worried for her safety and her health. From a victims point of view what option do I have as a parent? My daughter says that if the girls are confronted by the teachers they will get her outside school.

I would really appreciate some help from any parents who have had the same situation.

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