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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying Boss That Is A Physician

This doctor constantly yells at her staff. It is only four of us and she yells at me the most. She would start an argument with me over any little thing.

She would get directly in my face and yell to the top of her lungs using curse words and everything. And demanding I look at her directly into her eyes while she is yelling at me. And if someone walked in she would not stop belittling me; she would become worse.

Being Bullied at Work?
What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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Such a compliment to YOU
by: Lizzy NJ

Wow; that boss doctor LOVES YOU. Yes; really. Why does she only yell 'at you?' Because YOU take it 'from her' (and you should; because her anger isn't at you...if she were really upset with your work or your presence in office, she'd fire you tomorrow and that would be the end of her difficulty... right?)

She is an uptight doctor; with a staff that perhaps, she can't yell at (for a variety of legal reasons; maybe) Maybe she can't get the help she wants (are you there the longest?)

Of course; her yelling is out of line for someone who should have learned bedside manner (what type of a physician is she?) (LOL...tell me she's a psychologist ...LOL) Anyway, if you like the job you are doing and know you aren't doing wrong; but that she is just a SCREAMER (immature) stand your ground; let her scream...if you have the guts...put up your hand and say 'HOLD THAT THOUGHT ...I'm about to make a call that will solve your problem' (this is witty and bold) Call up the local employment agency and say it loud...hello; is this XYZ Employment Agency, I want you to know that I will be stopping by tomorrow at (time) ....that job you describe is sounding PERFECT. Thank you. See you then.

Call your boss's bluff. In the middle of the day; a particularly busy day if you can arrange it. When you hang up phone, look her square in eye and smile "ok...CARRY ON...what were you bellowing about?" Show no fear if you have the experience of working in medical" IT WILL STUN HER or she will fire you on the spot. (but...do you want to work for such person?) Would she fire you when it's the busiest day? She's arrogant...pushy... spoiled brat. smile nice, don't come down to same level and let her know...YOU CAN find other work.

Before she begins her "I can fire you speech" say...no need to; I believe I will take that appointment a bit earlier. Have a great life. And walk out.

She WON'T call you back because you did embarrass her to know end. BUT... she might re think her actions with the next person who has your job.

DO NOT do this if you need this job, are single with children to support. If there is security in your life with working spouse; then LEAVE. (and have a bit of fun while doing it)

AHHH maybe what I wrote isn't such a good idea; but I wrote it 'in sympathy to your story' and with controlled anger. (PRAY OVER the words...FOLLOW the Spirit in what to do)

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