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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Bullying For Believing In God

Personally, I would be labelled a Pentacostal. I just want to make a point. Having a belief in God us not popular today. Speaking up for what he believes is not always appreciated. Many times I do keep my mouth shut, and why should I? Many times Christians are made out to be the persecutors; talk about stereotypes!

That's enough. Both sides of the aisle are pathetic. I truly do wish there would be a better dialogue; not so much blaming. Many days it is quite alright with me if I would be dead.

Thank you.

Comments for Bullying For Believing In God

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Honesty is ok..
by: Anonymous

I work for a faith based organization and its very much accepted here. I do know what you mean as people label you a Christian Crackpot for always mentioning.

Its corporations that need to learn from you but they never will. If you want to work for an organization that is faith based that allows you to be your Christian self then I suggest you should leave that one behind.

There are plenty of faith based organizations that would love to have you. I have to feel safe so I expect that when I work for a company.

God believer
by: LizzY NJ

I hear your complaint; you get punished for even casual mention of your belief in God; and yet you also seem to indicate…that in some cases, believers are as guilty of BULLYING in the name of evangelization. (yes; I think I understand)

The ideal of 'on earth as it is in heaven' is that all LIVE the understanding of God, have knowledge of God.

The Lord's prayer is a good prayer to say; concentrating on each line of that prayer. Within each line, there is a specific request we ask that would help us to handle all of life IN GOD.

It is a VERY powerful prayer.

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